Beyond Hello Bonus Issue

I got an email for a shop worth $15.00 plus a $5.00 bonus. I accepted two of the same shop. I went to my shop log before performing the shops and saw that it was only $15.00. I emailed the scheduler about it and received an instant reply: "An email was sent earlier this morning. There was a mistake made when setting this up. The shopper fee is $15, there should not have been a bonus attached. I apologize." Needless to say, I cancelled both the shops.

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Schedulers still have Holiday Brain today. It was an honest oversight probably carried over from a bonused December shop. I would not make a big deal about it. Now if it was January 15th and the mistake bonus was still sent out, that is a totally different story.
Plus a $5 bonus isn't as big an oversight (in my opinion) as a larger bonus. However, I think you were totally within your rights to cancel the shops. You and the MSC agreed to have the shop performed for a certain amount, the MSC noted that there was an error in their offer, apologized, and revised the amount. You were no longer interested. It all sounds very cordial. Maybe you'll get another chance at the bonus in a few days if they haven't been scooped up.

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I was not overly concerned about it but I did want to point out if a company promises a certain payment and a shopper accepts the shop for that payment, it should be honored. Plus I never received any mass email from her that cancelled the bonus. I respectfully declined the shop on principle. The five dollars was not a big deal. Thank you for your input.
I agree with you If they posted a bonus they should have given it to you. I would have also cancelled the shop which is sad because that may come back on you later. They sometimes review if you have cancelled shops or not.
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