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A recent check they sent me was returned unpaid by the paying bank, plus the bounced fee from my bank. I've emailed them to correct the problem. So far, no response. Anybody else having troubles with this company? Ironically it was my first shop with them.

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They have option to pay by paypal

Shopping Eastern Pennsylvania and parts of NJ, since 2009
I just received a PayPal payment from them yesterday, I've never been paid by check. Good luck....Let us know how they respond to your email.

Shopper in California's Bay Area
They have just had a management change. The new manager for the shoppers is very nice. I am sure he would be concerned about a bounced check. Give them a call and then dial 0. He will likely be the one answering the phone.
Did you ever get it resolved? I have had almost the same problem. They have not resolved it. I've been emailing and calling them since November, and I never recieved my payment still.
This have been an excruciating process. It took four emails and three phone calls, but they finally issued me a new check, which was cashed and paid. The problem was they shorted me $5 on the reissued check. It took another phone call to get them to say they would send me the missing $5. I still haven't seen that payment yet, however. The other thing that bugged me was there was never any hint of an apology for bouncing the first check, or making me call, call, write and write, all to get them to pay what they owed. It will be a long time before I work for them again. I don't get what this company is thinking.
i've dealt with Sheila, it was unpleasant. just listening to her voice on the phone is like listening to screeching chalkboard. it should be enough of a red flag that her shop does not reimburse the full purchase of the item you need to order.

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