MF - Am I being deactivated?

I cannot search for new shops on the website. I did a fast casual burger shop last month and was paid on the 9th. No problem. Same thing with the theatre checks that were paid by cheque.

I noticed this after I had booked a Smartphone shop, and I completed the shop today and just finished the report. No problems submitting, but I still can't search for new shops. The link just isn't there. What the heck?

Sorry if I'm rambling tonight.

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It sounds as though your access has been limited to not offer you any more shops. I would contact the Help Desk. If it is an error, they can correct it so that you are able to view and assign shops. If it is not an error, they will tell you that you are not being offered future shops.
Yep. I've been deactivated at least three times in 20 years. I call. They scold me. They reactivate me.
Yes. Definitely worth checking with them. I was deactivated once with them for not shopping for a while. The second time was because I didn't submit a receipt on a shop that specifically said not to ask for a receipt more than once. When I brought this to their attention again (this was in the report) they reinstated me right away.
Alright, I'll try contacting them.
I didn't do any for a month or two, but like I said I was paid this month for one I did last month and I was able to apply for the one I just did.
Thanks, guys smiling smiley
You can be deactivated for simply having an email bounce back.

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Funny birds, those MFers. I was deactivated once a few years back because a receipt that I submitted did not match their "template" (read: "You fudged your receipt"winking smiley. So I mailed them my original, and the following month I was reinstated. They were the first company I signed up with over 10 years ago, and although I go for months at a time without working with them, I have not been re-deactivated or re-un-deactivated since.
I have been reinstated. Apparently they got an email returned as undeliverable, though I'm not sure how. I got a hold of a scheduler when they contacted me because I was on the theatre site as well. No one ever answered the help desk email I sent.
I haven't been deactivated...yet. But I have been "banned" for a fast casual client as well as the main FF client. I believe my reports were too honest: they don't like hearing bad stuff about a client. I frequently am told I am an excellent shopper and with 15 years with them, I know I am. I have appealed to them several times to reinstate me with these clients, but they always refuse.
If their system receives email bounces they limit your access.

As far as the brand new members post goes, your rhetoric is simply not true.

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Deactivated for honest report on the worst service ever at burgers. Cashier hounded me and followed me to table and continued to repeat what everything on a burger was. Good thing I was shopping and kept my temper. I hate when there is super rude service and I have to bite my tongue.
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