A Customer's Point of View -- Defunct?

After reading the latest from Jacob in the Mystery Shopper Magazine about this company, I went to the website to apply. Seems I must have applied some time in the past because they already have my email address. When I tried to recover my password, I just kept getting a gobblydegook page saying the "login failed." Weird site -- hard to navigate. Perhaps this is the first negative thing on the forum about the company??

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You're not alone. I just tried to sign up for them myself and had the exact same experience. I am pretty sure I am not signed up with them yet, when I try to sign up, they say they already have my email address. So, I have the login reset sent to my email, which works. Then, when I change my password, the website tells me that the login has failed.
I just logged in. There is nothing available right now in my area through.

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Hi, I am with A Customer's Point of View of Georgia. There is a company named Customer Point of View, out of California.

You are only able to access our system if; 1) Your application is approved, AND 2) We have assignments in your area. Simply by applying, does not give you access to shop availability. So once you apply, you will receive an on-screen confirmation that your application was submitted. When we approve your application, you will receive an email stating you have been approved to shop with us and there will be a link in the email to set up your password.

If you have applied with us and attempt to apply again, you will receive notification that your email is already in our database. But since your application has not been approved, there is not a password to retrieve. Now, our system should show an error notification of some kind but evidently, it isn't and I will get that remedied.

Concerning reject emails to those that were not accepted, from my understanding, our system does not send those out.

Thanks so much for the feedback. We will try to get these things updated as well as noting these things on the application page.

Lisa Brutton
A Customer's Point of View, Inc.
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