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It's now Sunday morning. I just went to the Customer Perspectives page, and I get a message that the page cannot be displayed.
I just emailed Paula about the Customer Perspectives page being down. Could be just a glitch or a time change problem. Try again later. I will let you know if I hear back from her. They are in N.H.
I just spoke to my scheduler, Paula form Customer Perspectives. They were informed about the site being down, they are working on it now with their server. Keep trying to get in.

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I created a workaround link that works to get to the login screen. The DNS server is not set up correctly.


I'm heading out for a fine dining shop for them right now. smiling smiley

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Can anyone log in with the link in my above post?
I spoke on the phone and had them reset my password and cannot log in.

I'd like to know if it is my password or the website still having errors due to the DNS problem.
I'd really like to report this shop tonight.

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I tried to login using your link. The system says that I have an invalid ID or password. I know that both are fine.
@scanman1 wrote:

Can anyone log in with the link in my above post?
I spoke on the phone and had them reset my password and cannot log in.

I'd like to know if it is my password or the website still having errors due to the DNS problem.
I'd really like to report this shop tonight.

Shopping Southeast Pennsylvania, Delaware above the canal, and southwestern NJ since 2008
I have a fine dining coming up and hope it will be working soon.

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You can not log in. The site is down. Email your scheduler, continue doing the shops, you should be notified. I was notified today and Guidelines and shop were sent to me.
Paula sent out following emails about the site being down this morning:

Hi Shoppers,

I know the system is still down. It is a Network problem not Archon. I have enclosed the form and guidelines for you to use for completed shops and scheduled shops.

Please make copies of the form you need if you have more than one shop. If you need to reschedule please let me know what shop and when you want to complete the shop.

Once shops are completed hold onto the information until the site is up.
This may be a duplicate email- Just trying to be thorough.smiling smiley

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I cut and pasted the PDF right into MS Word and filled it out 100%. Now when they get the DNS A-Record corrected, I can just cut and paste the narratives and go right through and click the yes/no/na and not have to think back.

They do need to fire the IT company they are partnered with. There is no excuse to not correct a DNS A-Record and get a server migrated in a matter of hours. If they fail, they should have left the old server in a state to fail back to the working server. I work in IT and would have started something like this by midnight and if the new server was not working by 4:00 AM, I'd scrap the upgrade and roll the old server back in service so it is working before the sun comes up.

To leave a company who depends on the web server for the core of the business down hard for days is just deplorable as backing up a server is painless and should be done at the very least weekly.

I back up my message board automatically via an automated cron job nightly to an off site location. If my hosting company did not restore my service within 24 hours, I would fire them and start a new service with another company and point my DNS to the new IP address and restore the site myself within a few hours.

It's a real shame when a company that is not technically savvy has contracted an IT company that has such poor service. No mystery shopping required to know that this outfit should have a failing grade.
Site is still down tonight as well....I thought it was just me at first, but see many others with the same inability to sign in...hope it is fixed soon!
Someone please update this thread when it is fixed.
I'd hate to miss the email and then blow the shop for not entering it.
Customer Perspectives still down. I have received the information from my scheduler that I needed to do two shops today. I did receive all of my Guidelines and forms. If you are a newbie with this company, email them for the information you need. Hopefully they will be up soon.
You obviously know how to work the system. Could you get directly in touch with Customer Service Experts and be of any help? I believe that they are a small company in N.H. I am clueless when it comes to computer hardware or servers.
Customer Perspectives is up!!!!! 5:20 PM 3-17

Now if we just get our payment from ATH we'll be all set!!!!!!!!

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Just received email from Paula letting me know it's working. I was able to login and see my shop. Yay!

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I just got this message (6:18 PM pDT on 3/18/2016.
Sorry, the website cannot be found
I just checked, the site is working 3/18/16 @ 11:33 am ET.

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Ask your scheduler to send you the address that works. I canceled my old address in my favorites and used the new address and it works. I changed it on the 18th, still working.
Update on Customer Perspectives.....I could not enter a shop done on 3/9 because this MSC website (Customer Perspectives) was down. I confirmed with Paula there that I would complete the shop again (!) on Monday 3/21. The data was old, and I was going to be in the area anyway. i was doing Customer Perspectives a big favor! However, today, I learned that the shop is no longer scheduled to me, and two emails and one phone call have gone unanswered! Yikes!

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You should not have to do any shops over again. Just keep your original report and send it even if the dates are late. It is not your fault, it is Customer Perspectives problem. I turned in two late reports with no problem. For some strange reason when the scheduler gave me the Customer Perspectives address in her email it worked for me. I put this in my favorites, removed my old address and this site has been working since the 18th.
That makes sense, and I tried your access technique/it worked. I deleted my existing link "favorite" and inserted the new one.
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