Informa Fee Cut

Has anyone else noticed the fees for a newer banking client's platform shops decreased from 17.50 last month to 15.00 now? Glad I snatched up a bunch of shops at the old rate last month.

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The platform shops are available to both customers and non-customers of the bank so all shoppers qualify for the those shops. The customers just pose as non-customers. They are easier to schedule and shoppers are quite receptive to picking them up for that price.

In addition to that, we also conduct customer teller shops for this particular bank, which pay $15.00 each. They are easier to access because fewer shoppers have accounts and therefore do not qualify, resulting in less competition. There are currently over 100 teller shops available across NJ and NY. We also offer distance bonuses for these, when applicable.

Becoming a customer would be the only hurdle - and we are paying for that right now, too! If you do not have an account at the bank but would like to take advantage of these teller shops, we also offer account opening shops for the bank that currently pay up to $100. Please contact my scheduler if you are interested.

Dylan Lerner
Mystery Shop Department
Informa Research Services
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