Ath Power taking a very long time to review reports?

Maybe this is just an unusual thing, but I did two shops for Ath Power during the first week of this month. The first was reviewed and approved in less than a week, even with the editor having to ask for a clarification. I did the second one two days after the first, and it's been about a week and a half. It's still sitting out there as "completed," and not "received." Haven't gotten any requests for more info, and except for one thing, the rep being evaluated did everything correctly.

I've done many of the same type of shop for another company, and it's never taken this long for review.

Is this typical for this company? I'm new with them and don't know. I did another of the same shop yesterday, and I hope I'm not waiting and waiting for that one to go through, too....

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.

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Birdy, I've done a few shops for them and it's hit or miss. Was yours a 2 part shop? An account open shop?

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Mine seem to be hit or miss as well. I've had a few simple teller shops that take a week or more to be reviewed. But then I did two credit card kiosks this past Friday afternoon and by Saturday afternoon, they were already reviewed.

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BirdyC I have shopped over 500 shops for ATH. I noticed that some shops state received and others completed. I never hear from them unless they have a question, which is rare. I looked back to 2011 shops and they all state received, not completed. As long as you see received there should be no problem.
Thanks to all for your input! And, the shop was approved not long after my post, so maybe I was just too anxious about it....

jay, it was that bank, yes. But the other one was, too, and was approved much sooner.

I wonder if the company is just backed up overall, based on the reports of later-than-usual payments mentioned in another thread.

I learn something new every day, but not everyday!
I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
BirdyC The different banks that Ath has could have different schedules. I don't think it matters if one is shopped before the other. They have different schedulers for different banks. Their dates are also different, so your turn in time won't matter when your report is read. Am I making any sense? At this point you stated you are new to this company, I've never had a problem. I just emailed the person responsible for the payments of 3/10, I hope she answers me soon. I will let everyone know of the results ASAP. I am leaving today at 2PM.
Ath has various schedulers and they all seem to work at their own pace. I think they are ind. contractors just like us. I have yet to rec've a grade on a shop and it take forever to get a shop placed on your shop list. Maria is a great scheduler and she has actually called me when she gets into a jam and I have done shops for her. I had four shops I never got paid for, I sent note to Barkehouse, she pays, no reply, it was sent upstairs and the response was that it was a bank shop and it was not an inquiry but rather I had to buy a money order, no pay. Funny, now the same shops have you inquire about a money order, you don't have to buy one and then you get account info., pays 10 and if they are in a squeeze, pays up to 20. Good luck, they just switched over to payment to your bank, it still takes almost three months to get paid from them. Keep track of what is owed to you, they have a habit of missing some payments.
Ath took almost a month to review one of mine. They are normally fast but as of late have been taken longer to review. Except for the one hiccup in march they have always paid on time per their stated agreement.

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Funny thing, I too had a number of shops that ATH did not pay and the response was exactly the same, you were supposed to purchase the money orders, not inquire, the only problem is that the banks they shop will not sell you a money order unless you have an account at the bank. ATH just likes to yank your chain. They will not give you a shop score yet any evaluator can downgrade you and you will then have problems getting shops with them.
When they changed over to direct deposit they had already mailed me one check from shops done three months prior. Of course I did not realize this was a duplicate payment. They stopped payment on the check, did not notify me and my bank, of course, charged me for a returned check.
I have just gone inactive for awhile with them. They have a limited number of shoppers in my area so I will see how they deal with a lack of shoppers. Good luck with them, I will stay quiet with ATH for a while.
Stay strong and shop well.
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