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Did you follow-up with Helpdesk? What was their response on the "block" message you received?

Shopping the Greater Denver Area, Colorado Springs and in-between in Colorado. 29 year old male and willing to travel! Badged for Denver International Airport.
I have gotten that message before at least 4 times that I can remember and it seems to be a glitch and then I can't see the shop in my list. It terrified me the first time. I log out and log back in and then the shop is there and I can finish the report. It has never affected my ability to finish the report and the reports have all been accepted, so it does not appear to be more than a random annoying thing. Try exiting and logging back in. This worked for the each time it happened.

I have my fingers crossed for you. Come back and let us know.
I did not, because I had already left 3 phone messages, and the automated message was clear to NOT send more emails.

But, I did finally get it resolved. Thanks so much.
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