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Yes, I can't get the site to respond at all. I emailed them from my phone and got an automated reply email that said it would take about 20 hours for them to get back with me. I can't input the data for the report if their site isn't working.
I just entered a report, but it was much slower than normal. I have to admit that I was not affected by the problems during the past week, but I have no idea why not, except the slowness, which wasn't all that bad.

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I had a problem applying for shops this morning.

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I got the automated email, too. Also, an incomplete report email on the shop I am working on. I don't how it was submitted because I didn't get very far into the report when it started not responding!
I just got this from Market Force.

Good evening,

We are aware of the problems with the shopper website and our IT department is currently working to resolve the issues. We recommend that you wait a few hours to make another attempt to report your shop. You will not be penalized in any way since we are experiencing technical issues. We apologize for the inconvenience and will notify you as soon as the website is working properly again.

Karen S.
Shopper Advocate
Market Force Help Desk

Shopper Advocate
Market Force Help Desk
I am unable to get anything but the loading when I try to input a shop. But I am sure they are aware of it so i will not be reporting it at this time.
I noticed when opening the paperwork and guidelines, the site was dragging. Earlier when I entered a report, it started out lightening fast but later it slowed down. tongue sticking out smiley
I am very happy to say, the report I put in this afternoon, went a little faster than normal. So, I am hoping the issues are resolved.
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