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My account was closed for no reason when I complained I was told TNS no longer had clients so no need of mystery shoppers in my area
I just completed a dry cleaning shop for TNS. Has anyone done any of their timeshare shops? If so, what was you experience like?
I did one of their timeshare shops about 8 years only one. Hubby and I drove up to Tenn. from SC and stayed for a few nights in a resort. It was real nice. If my fuzzy brain is recalling correctly, back then they sent me a special "handbag" with a built in recording device that I used during the timeshare presentation and then sent back to them. I still had to write up a very detailed and lengthy report. You just have to make sure you can be firm and tell the presenters "no thanks" several times. The fee and reimbursements was the same back then as it is now. I felt it was fair for the work. But it really isn't my thing, so I've never done another one. They paid just as they promised. If you enjoy that type of shop, go for it!
Thanks for the info Guysmom. I have difficulty remember last year, so you'd done well for eight years! Did you attend the sales presentation at the beginning of you stay or at the end? Did they harass you to buy-in other than during the presentation? I'm wondering how much time you are free to do what you want to do. It seems odd that they would let you stay in a timeshare for up to 7 days for one measly report? I can't afford vacation anytime soon so I am looking into this to make a vacation happen. I would also shop the airline to get wherever the timeshare was.
Let me think (shaking and rattling my brain around!! ha ha!!) Actually, it was closer to 10 years ago!! Our stay was a short one...3 nights, not one of the 7 night stays. We had a tour of a timeshare property, and then sat through the presentation. We were polite BUT FIRM (important!!), and told him we couldn't commit right then. I remember he asked about 3 different times, then gave up. I was fortunate...he was not a "heavy pusher" for the sale...just consistently asked. We had time to see several areas, so that was nice. But the MOST MEMORABLE MEMORY of staying up there in Tenn, was getting a PHONE CALL at MIDNIGHT from the local police back in SC, because my then-teenage son (who was staying with friends from school while we were away) and some of his friends were playing Halloween pranks (so it must have been Halloween week). They were wearing masks and going to a few area restaurants at night walking by the windows and trying to "scare" the customers! SO juvenile!!! Boy was I irate!!!! He was fine....just foolishness. But now he's an upstanding, very hard working sales manager at a car franchise, married with a beautiful wife and adorable 5 month old baby girl!! So it all worked out. smiling smiley Your question brought back some memories!! I laugh now looking back on it, but I didn't laugh then!!

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Had a couple of easy ones with them lasy year about paint and stains.
All I've seen with since have been time share related shops. Even expanded my search area. I like TNS.
I did a timeshare shop for them in December, my first one, and it was a very odd experience. I went to Washington D.C. and stayed at their Alexandria VA property. I had steeled my nerves for a high pressure sales experience at this two hour presentation but when I got there the client told me they had overbooked their presentation and they did not have enough sales people so I was free to go ahead and take my free gifts and leave and enjoy my visit.

I got that two minute exchange on tape thank goodness.

My report was easy to do but TNS accepted my report and paid me for it.

I am a happy camper with them and the client.

Big Ed
Mystery shopping in the Great Smokey & Blue Ridge Mountain ranges of Southern Appalachia (GA, NC, SC, & TN)
Wow! It sounds like you really lucked out Ed. I'm guessing you would attempt a second timeshare shop, no?
It is very helpful to realize that you can purchase ownership of timeshares on eBay for as low as $.01, with many from this client selling in the $1000 to $2000 range. My sibling purchased one a decade and a half ago. Unfortunately that makes her a deeded 'owner' in the property, responsible for her % of the property taxes, insurance, maintenance, etc. of the unit so there is an ongoing cost. When it comes time to 'use her points' there are 'booking fees' and very limited availability of places to use them because locations where you want to be require higher status points. And every time she stays as a member she is pushed into the sales meeting to try to sell her on higher status and more points. She can't get rid of the thing at anything that might be a reasonable price and she can't just dump and ignore it. That should make it very, very easy to just say no and be very firm about it.
I have no fear of being firm in stating NO, not interested. I've heard too many stories like your sibling's, Flash, to avoid timeshares at all cost. I never know where I want to vacation and it sure isn't going to be the same place continually or in a place where I'll be hounded by the timeshare sales folks.

I'm interested in hearing from folks that have performed these shops and have they done more them than once. It sounds like a great way to vacation for free as long as you don't have to deal with the "shop" the entire stay like you do on many hotel shops.
I did one late in January and would LOVE to do another. I have asked directly but got no answer concerning rotation. The training was recorded a few years ago so I am not sure if that part is up to date.

Anyhow, very easy, not too time consuming and I had lots of free time. I was very nervous about the recording. I took someone's advice from the forum to do a back up recording. I was able to use the back up for the report, to jog my memmory on details. The recording device must be returned within a day but you have much more time to complete the report. There were hotel type observations asking about pool, exercise room, etc. All in all worth the time and effort.

They have shops designated for owners. From the training it sounded like you were administratively made an owner for shop purposes. When I reached out it sounded like you needed to be a real owner.

You get to keep additional incentives. I was pleasantly surprised to get a Visa gift card worth twice the fee.

No nitpicking on report editing and pay was faster than I expected.
I would love to try one of these husband just can't say "NO" and stick with it. I once scheduled an appointment to get a first quote on putting in a pool. I wanted to consider several pool companies. Unfortunately, the first salesman was persuasive and hubby said yes immediately. Grrrrrrrr.....The pool was built incorrectly, a lawsuit followed and the problems went on for years. Now the pool is filled in and I know not to have my husband involved in any high pressure sales presentation.

Some days you just have to create your own sunshine.
Thanks for the info GAPeach! It sounds very encouraging and I'm going to keep my eye out for a fun location. Had you requested a second shop and they denied you? They have so many listed it's hard to believe we can only shop once. Did the recorder they provided work? How did the disguise it? How long was your shopcation? LOL
@ValG wrote:

Thanks for the info GAPeach! It sounds very encouraging and I'm going to keep my eye out for a fun location. Had you requested a second shop and they denied you? They have so many listed it's hard to believe we can only shop once. Did the recorder they provided work? How did the disguise it? How long was your shopcation? LOL

I did request a few more but didn't get assigned. This is not alarming since I had been applying for years! However, it took me some time to figure out I had my credit score or credit card information incorrect/missing in my profile. I think you can do more than one but I just don't know the rotation. I remember something from the recorded training like once a quarter. The recorder worked fine. It comes in an eye glass case I think mostly to protect it. I put the recorder in my bra/shirt very high. The recording was very clear. I had a 7 night but left after four days. T
I keep looking, but they have never had a shop in my area in the time I've been registered with them.
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