Marketforce down again?

Headed out for burger shop, wanted to check instructions just before and get a big invalid web site message. I was in earlier today with no issues. Anyone else have same deal?

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Yep. sad smiley I was submitting the pics on my last shop when it quit. I sure hope it's up soon!
Right in the middle of a report and got

"Website address is not valid.
We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused you.

We are sorry, but the address you have provided does not match anything that is within the network.

Please refer to your most recent report or your Company point of contact for your program for the correct URL to access your results. "

This better be fixed before my "alone time with pornhub"

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DavePi, yes that is identical to what I got. I tried from my phone and also directly from a link in the shopper bulletin email.

UH, lol and tmi on your alone time winking smiley
They had a message posted earlier about the site being down at 9pm for a couple of hours. It's scheduled maintenance.
I am having the same problem. Logged in several times earlier in the day, not getting probably the same message you are.

I tried to log in to take a shop I saw earlier today and I'm getting the same error message now.
We will be performing system wide maintenance on Friday 04/08/2016 from 9:00 PM ET to 11:00 PM ET.

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It's after 11:00 PM ET now, and the site is still down. Any suggestions from anyone on submitting reports? I have two that I just did this evening, so of course the reports are due tonight...what is everyone else doing?
Yep, seems like it! I too was in the middle of something when I received that notification.


I am not the most active member of this public forum. In fact I rarely log on to check updates a few minutes weekly. Please do not think I am ignoring you if I do not respond to your input right away. Happy Shopping!
Yeah, I sent a message to the Help Desk; bet they're getting flooded with emails right now, lol.
Second to None is down now too. They gave warning also but now I have 3 reports to submit and none of the sites are working... :/
11 PM? It is still down at 12:43AM. The message is still "Website address is not valid..."

I have an MFI report that was due midnight. I am going to sleep now. Even the CFA has does not have the online report site ready. So, I have two reports that are due but I am going to sleep. To think that CFA messaged me that the report was due and must be submitted by 8AM or I won't be paid. But they said they were trying to get the online reporting ready, asap. It is frustrating.

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I just received this email: Thank you for writing in. We are working on the website to make updates at this time. We apologize for any convenience this may have caused.

Please try to log in to the Shopper website after some time or in the morning to report your shops, reschedule or cancel your shops or search for available shops in your area. If you have further problems logging in to the website in the morning, please let us know.

Thank you,
Back up for me. I really wanted my burger this evening. Rescheduled for tomorrow. Burger for lunch and dinner now.
Got a notice this morning that photos from a shop I filed on Friday did not upload properly. First time that's happened. New software always has bugs.

No fee, no shop.
Yep, add me to the growing list of shoppers receiving the error on receipt uploads.

It's 6:29 AM here in AZ, in case anyone wants to make note of the times as they are submitting or working on reports.

@emccded wrote:

Got a notice this morning that photos from a shop I filed on Friday did not upload properly. First time that's happened. New software always has bugs.

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I submitted my report past 7 AM but the download did not work. I sent them the receipts as attachments in an email but no one has responded to me. I am not going to spend money on a scan at the webcafe until they tell me my downloads are no good.

CFA website did not come in until almost noon. And it was a very long report. So much time and sleep wasted on these two Market Force companies.
I downloaded my receipt again last night and it went through. So if you had a problem with submitting your receipt, try it again.
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