Amy @ Summit Scheduling

I've never dealt with her before. I've never done or even applied for a shop with Ipsos before. But today I received an email from her that says I've been ASSIGNED a shop. In Colorado. I'm in Canada. I assume she mixed up the abbreviations for Colorado and Canada, saw I was in Canada, and assigned it to me.

No, I am not going to travel from Toronto to Colorado for $12. That wouldn't even be enough money to get me to the airport. I just went to the Ipsos site and there is no contact info there, so I just emailed their main email address.

Does she do this often? Maybe I should deactivate from Summit Scheduling.

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Amy's great, at least based on the experience I've had with her. Yes, just e-mail her; I bet she's super busy right now and just made an error. I doubt she'll take an attitude! winking smiley

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I've learned to never trust spell-check or my phone's auto-fill feature.
But I still don't understand how she could select me for a shop I've never applied for, for a company I've never worked for and have it be an error.
@mistry wrote:

But I still don't understand how she could select me for a shop I've never applied for, for a company I've never worked for and have it be an error.

Having never seen the insides of that platform, I can't say specifically but it's possible on her spreadsheets your name is next to the shopper she meant to choose. She clicked the name, did some copy and pasting and send. Done so fast she sisnt catch the mistake. It really doesn't matter that you haven't worked for that particular company just means her spreadsheets got mixed up. This is all just a guess but my point is it is just a mix up and someone else is wondering why they haven't been scheduled a shop they just applied for.

Was it located on Southgate in Colorado Springs by chance?

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I don't know. I just got back this response from Judith Gill:

Hi xxxx, it’s very strange, because I checked the back end history on the shop, and there was definitely an application. Attached.

She attached the line, then said it was from April 2 and that I might want to change my password, which I am about to do now.
Just heard from Amy, there are two shoppers with my name and she clicked on the wrong one. Mystery solved.
That was going to be my guess: two shoppers with the same name. Thanks for telling us how it all worked out.

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Summit is a company whose word can be trusted. With some companies, it's justified to assume that you've been auto-scheduled a lemon, but not this one.

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So mistry in the end it was a miss try (to send the job to someone else). I guess she will try more accurately next time.
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