AMA Changes Name to Servimer

Just wanted to give all of our loyal shoppers (and our loyal shoppers-to-be) heads up on the new name of AMA Enterprises. In an effort to more fully reflect the range of services being provided to our growing client base and to facilitate expansions into new markets, we have officially changed our name to Servimer. The new name is being phased into our existing communications and reporting media, so please do not be thrown off by seeing both names in use for a few more months. Of particular importance is our login and registration page which officially changed yesterday to, and all of our email addresses which have been changed to end with Most of our scheduling is still done through individual contact, so please don’t be thrown off by a nearly empty Job Board, but please do answer the few extended profile questions as they are essential to our scheduling process. (As an example, we added several new locations in Portland, OR, in April, but only one shopper had the extended profile complete. That’s who got the work and that shopper will be contacted first for future Portland work.) We are currently testing the effectiveness of posting to the Job Board in Chicago, so if you want to get a feel for our type of work and pay rates, poke around that area a bit. For more information, feel free to post here or PM me through this Forum.

Serving as liaison between Servimer and the larger mystery shopping community. (

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