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I'm trying to understand how they pay shoppers. I've seen associated with them, but I'm unfamiliar with how that works. I'm very hesitant to sign up with any company that doesn't make their payment policy clear, and the FAQ page that should explain it hasn't worked for months. Anybody know of a working link that explains their payment policy?

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Already a member? Log In. is the processor. You sign up with them, do the shop, and 30-60 days later, issues your check. You get it in the mail.

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I found it confusing, too, because Sentry's payment page shows your "invoices" are ready to be paid, but nothing happens because Sentry pays 60+ days after the shop.

The net answer is that you don't need to do anything. Sentry will create a account for you when your first payment is ready. You will receive an email from Sentry stating that your money was transferred to You can use as an online bank, or you can provide your current banking information to and the money will automatically be deposited to your bank. has gotten great reviews online, but I don't need that type of service right now, so I prefer to transfer my money.
And if you happen to already have a account due to Ath Power, you do absolutely nothing. The money will just appear soon after Sentry sends it to

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It's very simple and very easy. Everything is on a schedule. You get a notification when the money is transferred and when it's been done. Plus, you can go in and check it out at any time to make sure the payment is what you expect. You can have it direct deposited (super fast) or go the check route, but there is a fee for checks.
Is there a set day that pays? I really don't like the sentry payment cycle why can't they just use PayPal?
From my personal experience, when Sentry pays, sends the money to my bank the same day.
Just make sure has your banking info. *Don't* create a account yourself! Sentry will create the account, then you would add your banking info to it.
It's really easy. sends out a notice near the end of the month, around the 25th or so. That email advises the payment is being processed. It's usually next day they send out an email that tells you the payment has been made. It's very simple; it's automatic; and since I signed up for it, I've had zero issues. It's a stress-free payment.
Payment has always been within a day of the promised day. I enjoy working for them. They have nice and friendly schedulers
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