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Hi. Is there a trick to printing out the Mintel instructions and survey before you start an assignment? I can only see one page at a time, and I have to complete it before I move to the next page.

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Not that I am aware of, though their surveys come in different formats for different shops. What you can do is open a Word document, do a 'select all'/copy and then paste into the Word doc before moving on to the next page and repeating the process. I generally just make notes of needed details and move on because I have never found them to be a company that plays games with what is on their surveys.
many of their surveys have instructions or survey questions in a document at the top of the form itself. Usually in pdf or word, which you can download and print. Or you can ask your scheduler for a copy, and they are great about sending whatever you need.

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Thanks all. I figured out the problem. It does not work on an iPad. When I used my laptop, I could see everything.
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