Market force slow page loading

Did I miss another notice about web site maintenance for tonight? I was on earlier with no issues and saw no messages other than the Avoid Scams message. I am getting a loading page with no movement.

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Yes, it is happening to me. I have tried to load my receipt for almost an hour. What a PITA!
Alrighty then. Thanks for the confirmation. I am moving on to other reports and hope it is working after. I sent a message to the helpdesk. Sleep is in my near future....

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I had a problem last night, too. But not with pages loading slowly (some did, but not much worse than usual). I submitted my receipt within my report, as I always do, but it's a good thing I logged back in before I went to bed, to check my assignment status. Lo and behold--it said my receipt hadn't been submitted. I immediately re-submitted it, and it went through. I'm glad I checked.

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