ever had a gas station shop held for internal review?

i've had a few maritz holds, but never like this one where it doesn't give me anything to fix. if it happened to you before, was it eventually approved?

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Is it just staying in review for a long time or did they actually send you a notice that it is going through some kind of additional internal review? Usually, Maritz reviews fast but there have been a couple of times when my report sat there a week but then got approved and paid.
I have one right now which states "Held for internal review. You will be contacted if there is a problem. Please return to 'My Current Shops'."

This was the only one in the group which had absolutely nothing to buy as the inside purchase, it's only a repair shop which happens to sell this gasoline and their "inside purchase" facilitator is a nearly empty vending machine containing 2 chocolate bars.

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Could it be your results are not the same as the previous auditor? We know there are fraudulent reports filed from time to time. Or maybe they have a certain number of locations per month or quarter which are required to go through a more in depth review.

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I had an issue at a place where apparently the "office" of a traditional service station was selling some items on the side. I got a hand-written receipt. However, the MSC was of the opinion that there was nothing to buy there. We agreed that in the future, I would not buy anything at that location.

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I still have one sitting on the board from two weeks ago. It is not on hold; there is no comment other than "no action required." I know the editors fell way behind at the beginning of the month but that it not my fault. Now my payment will be delayed for this shop because it is just sitting there.
jay225, I've had that internal review notice several times. So far, I've always been paid.

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I too have had a few held for internal review. They all went through with no problems and i got paid.
I had one that sat there for 7 days and it made me a little nervous.... but I see it was finally approved. smiling smiley
I've had it happen several times and i know the reasons - the shops were odd, maybe unmanned, receipt times were off, something was amiss.

I never worried unless the review became "eternal".

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