Does Marketforce site work on Android phones

I got to a supermarket at 6:30pm for a regular shopping trip..and thought..what the heck..let's see if its available and bonused...but my phone said it was incompatible and to download chrome..

now I am in the parking lot, not on wifi (although they do have wifi in the cafe), but I wasn't about to fight with my phone to see if I could access the site at that point.

my phone is 3.5 years old...and slowing down..

and the shop was available and bonused....

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Ever since it was available I have had the Chrome app on my iPhones because it is my preferred browser. Have you tried it yet? It only uses about 324 MB on my phone.

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I end up with about 500mb frequently from various things using space...Yahoo Mail is probably the worst offender and I frequently have to clear that cache..I am always having issues updating because even though it says 500 tells me not enough space to update things..i'm reluctant to add anything else I probably won't use much
I have an older Samsung Galaxy and when I log into Market Force I do initially get the browser not compatible notice, but I manually enter my password and ID and somehow I get in to it. I sort of ignored the warning and it worked. I love being able to check forms and guidelines on the road when I forget them at home. I have also grabbed a few shops on the fly with my phone as well. My phone is slowing down too. I might have to break down and get one of those fancy new SS Galaxy S7s.

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I have a Samsung S5 and it works better than with my old S3. Sometimes I do get the error message but when I try again I can get on. I have less issues with the S5 than my older model.
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