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I am completing my first report for A Closer Look and need a little bit of help on one section. I am fine with most of the narrative but I am not really sure what they are looking for with the 5-7 sentences that tell the story of the "Time Standards" section. They did miss the standard in 3 instances but the ones they missed were by less than 30 seconds. I really don't know the story of why my drinks arrived 16 seconds late.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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I always give a blow by blow of what was ordered, when and how long it took to be delivered for each course. Something like this for each course from drinks through dessert: The entree was ordered at 8:00 PM, and was delivered thirty-five minutes later at 8:35 PM. The entree was delivered ten minutes after we finished the appetizer. At the end of my blow by blow I comment if there were any issues, like the server said they were brewing a fresh pot of coffee and it will be a few minutes. Or if I ordered something and the server returned to say it was not available and I ordered another item.

I have not had to answer any follow up questions other than one recently. I had stated that the dessert was delayed but didn't say what caused it. The editor wanted to know what caused the delay. After that I figured the delay was probably my opinion and I should have left it out and stuck to the time each item was ordered and when it was delivered.

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Thank you both. Hopefully it will be relatively smooth sailing through the editing process.
Got a heads-up today from an editor that one of the pizza shops it schedules now wants timing in hours, minutes and seconds. Used to be 4:12 p.m. was good enough. Now, it is 4:12:36. Fortunately, I had my notes so I was OK. The questionnaire and guidelines don't mention the change in the timing procedure. An update would be helpful.

I, too, find it best to be complete in my ACL narrative. Hit all the "nos" but write in a tight, conversational style. "Dave asked which sauce I would like. He took a ladle full and carefully poured it in the center of the pizza dough. He then used the back of the ladle to spread it evenly to the rim of the dough. He then looked at me while pointing to the cheeses and asked, "Would you like mozzarella or maybe you want to try a combination of our other five cheeses." ....

Shopping SoCal and Maui.
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