Ipsos Shop Due Date Expired (but shop still on job board)

Has anyone had any experience with a past due date ipsos shop still being on the board? There is a shop on the board with a due date of yesterday, but I can go today and haven't received a response from them.

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I've seen this too. I would try emailing the scheduler directly with something like "URGENT: I can do overdue shop today" in the subject line.
Thanks JASFLALMT - I took your advice and sent an email to Judith. I'm having the same issue. Hopefully, Natalie and I aren't looking at the same assignments. I have written to the scheduler twice, to no avail. I even applied for one of the shops, but then cancelled the request because I hadn't received a response and it was then after 4:00 PM and I needed to hit the road for two other shops that I had scheduled in the same town as the Ipsos ones. Very frustrating!

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
No response from Judith either. The shops have disappeared though. Were you able to snag them Natalie?

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
I was able to assign it but Im waiting for confirmation. I dony want to do it if i wont be paid/reimbursed. No response yet
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