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How is this company to work for? I used to do their shops but they would have to call me every time they had a shop. Do they still do that? Any recent feedback would be appreciated.

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They only have two clients in my area that I am willing to shop for. I think the pay/reimbursement is fair. I always have to 'apply' for the shops on-line, but they have all been assigned as soon as I applied. I've never received a call from them. The shops I do get taken fairly quickly, so I don't know what it takes to get a bonus from them.
I got 2 shops right away. They do some stores that I can get a snack at... so I grabbed them. Pay is decent and one has reimbursement for a food item. I sent an email to the scheduler and she replied right away. smiling smiley
They are average. They have some shops that pay fair and their reports seem to be easy. On the downside a shop in the middle of nowhere that might get you a $25 bonus with other companies will likely only get you $5 with them. And even them they'll be almost insulted when you ask. Additionally they are the only company I have ever had who balked at rescheduling during a snow storm. Mind you this is in the rural south where snow storms are a huge deal. Also they very consistently pay 12 days late.

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Yes, don't expect bonuses from them. Once I did a shop for a $5 bonus for an "extremely urgent" shop. They acted like they were doing me a favor. And then they called me 3 times within a 2-hour period to remind me and to make sure I wasn't going to flake.
They were the first company that I've shopped for. They are decent. They made a change in that they used to call the following morning if your assignment was not in. Now they take it off and temporarily suspend you for 30 days. Unless you call in.

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They have two clients in my area. One of them occasionally gets bonused. The other (fast casual) flies off the job board. They pay by check on a reliable basis.

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If reliable means exactly 12 days late every month then I agree.

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At the moment only demons come to mind
I just did 2 shops for them. A retail and retail/food combo. The shops were incredibly easy and the pay was ok too!! I will do more for them for sure. I wish they had more in my area..........smiling smiley
I like them. The shops and reports are easy and I'm fond of lunch at one of the clients establishments. They've always been easy to work with IMO. I'm a person who debriefs as soon as I get home and I do the easy ones first so I've never been called about a report.

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I like shopping for them. I do their grocery stores a lot and get my checks on time. I have done the meal ones too with no problem. They send out an e-mail when the checks have been mailed. I have had no problem with them.
To clarify, their stated payment terms are the last day of the month following the shop. Their emails stating checks have been mailed usually comes between the 10th and 12th with checks arriving around the 15th.

Are you saying you are getting emails around the 1st and checks a few days later?

My guess is that you are actually saying that their late payment does not bother you, but those are two entirely different things.

There are reasons that a body stays in motion
At the moment only demons come to mind
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