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I did 14 $13 shops for them last month. I received my cheque today, for $100, which is $82 short, and is not divisible by $13. I tried to phone them but unless you have an extension there is no way to leave a message. I've just emailed them. Just wondering if anyone else received an odd pay this month.

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1-866-762-2435 Press 1 for immediate issues or 3 for payment issues. Stay on the line, someone will answer. If not, email them at They are usually quick to respond. Best of luck!
I had the same issue and went onto the Forum to see if anybody else may have had this problem. I'm going to take MtlShopper's advice. Do you notice, at least in the Toronto area, they haven't had any assignments in quite some time! I mean ZERO.
I'm in the same boat as you guys. I have not yet been paid for April shops. I've spoken to a few people about it and was told a few things:

1) 1st call: cheques went out late
2) 2nd call: I moved - maybe cheque sent to old address
3) the latest: we're having technical issues with the cheques and are aware of many people having payment issues. The IT dept/accounting dept are working on it and we're very sorry. Your name is in a queue and we're dealing with each issue case by case. We have no idea when your cheque will be sent but you will definitely be paid.

Ugh! Not happy. I know they'll pay me eventually but with a Canada Post strike looming on the horizon, maybe it's time they joined the 21st century and started using Paypal or direct deposit.
That's odd, I thought I replied to this thread yesterday.

I called them and spoke to a receptionist. I told her the situation and she said, "Did you also send an email?" in an accusatory way. I said I had. She then spouted some claptrap and tried to get me off the phone. She said the cheques were late. I told her she must not have listened to me or read my email, since I said that I just told her I did receive the cheque but it was short. She then said "that must be April's cheque". Hmmm, since it was mid-June I assumed it was May's cheque, but since I was not sure I said I'd check and call her back. I checked and I had received April's check in May, it was May's check that I received and it was short.

I called right back. She asked me if I had cashed the check. I said I had. Then she said, "YOU CASHED THE CHECK?" as though I had done something terrible. I said again, yes, I cashed my check. I think it was designed somehow to make me feel at fault. She then asked me to send a photo of the stub. I said I can just give her the check number. She said Omar, who is apparently the owner, wants a picture of the stub. Okay, I took a picture of the stub and mailed it. Within about two days I had the remainder. No one gave me any explanation, other than trying to fool me that it was for the previous month.

There's something up here. I thought it was just me. I had received a moronic, anonymous email from them last month which I protested against. I thought the short-payment was a retaliation.
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