Ardent June Payment

I just saw on the facebook group that the June Payments will be sent on 6/21 (Tuesday), for those of you who don't facebook and are interested.

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FYI, their payments are usually made on the 20th or 21st of each month for the previous months' shops. I keep notes regarding the payment schedules and methods of payment for my MSCs so I'm not on the forum asking when so and so MSC makes their payments.
I think Ardent almost always pays on the 20th. The 20th of June was a Monday, but something was up last month and they posted a message on their facebook page saying that payment wouldn't go out until the 21st. I know not everyone is on Facebook, so I figured I'd post the info here in case anyone was missing their payment and looking for it on the 20th.

Shopper in California's Bay Area
I am one who does not use the Ardent facebook page. Is it worthwhile other than for payment dates? Their job instructions seem pretty clear to me so I have never looked into facebook. Some feedback on good reasons to bother with another place to check on the internet would be nice. Thanks all.
I find it worthwhile. You never know when there could be an issue and sometimes the replies are quicker than reaching your scheduler. It's also interesting to see what other shoppers are finding.
Ive worked for them over 3 years. Ive never had even one payment on any day but the 20th. They are so precise that when they have a problem, and payment will be a day late, they send an email to all shoppers and apologize.

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Payment is always timely and when there is an error they fix it after you bring it to their attention. As for being on Facebook, I find it very helpful. When a particular month's shop is tricky, first thing I do is go to the Facebook page because I know other shoppers will be discussing it and the comments will be helpful to my shop.
I, too, find it helpful to use the Facebook page as a resource. I don't check it constantly, but as G3B notes, if there's a KQ that's tricky or not clear, it's a great help to see what other shoppers are experiencing. Plus, the new questionnaire still seems to have some sticky issues, and the Ardent folks are great about interpreting them.

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Very worthwhile to be a part of the FB community with other Ardent shoppers. Recently I asked for a photo of the Valence and an editor responded within minutes & posted the picture on the Ardent instructions page. I was able to finish my report without delay because of my post on FB.
The thing about the FB page, though, is that you get a lot of non-Ardent shopper folk posting their opinions of what should/should not be done. When I have asked for clarification of someone's status in that regard (Are you an editor? Are you with Ardent?), I have been made to feel slammed for asking. Also, there's a lot of non-shop info there to sort through, imho. For me, not going to FB for answers has been better.
Send an e-mail to Corey Estes,

My payment in May was a mess. After e-mailing Corey, he did a second direct deposit, adding the correct money and I got it within a couple of days.
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