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Has anyone attempted to use the new "Best Offer" link when self scheduling on the MF website? I attempted to do it for a shop the other day and never heard back. A day or two later, the option was gone and a scheduler called me about that very shop. I was able to get $5 more than what I offered for it. Now I don't see the Best Offer link on any of the shops anymore.

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I've never seen that. I need to look for it. There were two gas station shops in the same area and some dingaling took one and not the other. I was waiting for the fee to go up another $5. Had I been able to use a 'best offer' button, they could have had both done for an extra $5 and I could have pocketed $60.
I had one accepted last week - bid $50 on a gas station mystery shop with no audit that was offering $18.
@spicy1 wrote:

Where is the best offer button, please?!

It only shows up on certain shops that have been on the board for a while. There aren't any shops with it on the board now since it's late in the month and all shops have been completed or scheduled for this month already.
The make offer link option only shows up for shops that Will support a offer. If it doesn't show then it means that shop dies not accept offers. Yet.
They called, trying to get the burger joint done, offered alot. I would have done it for less if the link was available.
I made offers that were accepted but what I found odd is I was waiting for the right time to make a bid on others. I knew the chances of a higher fee were better if I waited to make an offer later toward its due date for the client. But in the last 5 days leading up to the client due date the "make an offer" tab that had been there for the shops I wanted to make an offer, disappeared. I wish they notified youif your offer was denied. You only get a notification if your offer was accepted, if it's denied you're left to wonder if someone denied it or if it's still waiting to be looked at
Been with MFI for about four years and never saw or heard of this link until I read this thread.

I do get calls, about 8 a.m. for same-day shops. Had one recently where I was offered three of the same type of wireless shops. First was for $13, next for $15, next for $13. (I talked them up to $14.) These are the really simple shops that take about 5 minutes to report. I did them all that morning and made $42. Not bad for answering an 8 a.m. call. (There was a fourth offer, about 30 miles away, that would have paid $18. It is still on the job board for $10.) Only problem: There were none of those famed MFI burger shops available for lunch.

Shopping SoCal and Maui.
i have been waiting for my nearby gas stations to go uo to $20 because I know they will. that is when i take them. i guess someone else around here shops because they were taken at $8 :/
Talking about wireless, PuaM and loreinak, I see a lot of wireless shops from that MSC sitting on the board - I just figured if they sat that long they were not worth the time. I am intrigued by your comment that says "These are the really simple shops that take about 5 minutes to report." Obviously not all of them are that way. How can one tell the short report ones versus the ones that are much more time intensive?
the $25 wireless shops are the most detailed. They are either the audit or the one where you have to do the paperwork. I will go those for the $10 wireless shops if I am in the area anyway because those are fast. my kids love those burger shops too lol. those and the chinese food shops. we did an Arbys the other day, but we had to order some bacon brown sugar sandwich. that was disappointing.
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