There have not been a lot of MarketForce shops post in my area for July like there usually are. I have not seen the gas stations at all.

Had anyone else noticed this or have I done the shops too many times as I am at the year mark for working for them?


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The July gas station shops were posted early last week in my area. So were the July fast foods, the spa store, and the car wash shops. I noticed they all went fast. Maybe they posted in your area and you just missed them.
Thanks for your reply! Maybe I did miss them it just seemed odd because the gas stations are usually plentiful here. Thanks again

The gas station ones in my area were posted over a week ago. They went quickly here too and they usually don't.
The pickings are slimmer for shops. Whereas you might have 10 gas stations in your city, here, there is only one (and) one located in the next state...The cell shops remain stubbornly at $25 and there is not a whole lot more going on.... A lot less fast food, regular cell phone shops, audits and the like...Maybe because it's summer but it sure looks like "less" going on right now.
I live in the greater Philadelphia area and most of the shops go quickly EXCEPT those wireless shops from a major telecommunications company who require a switch to their company. Those sit on the board and never get scooped up.

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Thank you all for your replies! I hate to hear that the shops are down but it is encouraging that they could pop up! The wireless ones are plentiful here too but that about it.
Gas stations popped up on my board today but they are the mystery and reveal. That shop does not make me any money as gas is up and you are still required to do the 2 gallons and the purchase inside. It does not end there however since you need to go back and do a reveal and audit. Look to spend 30 minutes to an hour on the audit depending on the size of the gas station. Does anyone really do these for that fee?
There are actually a lot of shops in my area (I think it was 45-50 or so within 25 miles of me). Some of the shops went quick, but there are still some to choose from. The Gas Station Audits (No Mystery Shops-only this round for us, everything that was posted was the combo MS and audit) have been up for a couple of weeks and haven't been popular here. The price has gone up by a buck and they're still sitting.
But there are lots of wireless MS (2 different kinds), wireless audits, Fast casual, Hardware stores, etc. I'm jealous of the areas that have car washes.... I've never seen them here and my car is so filthy I'm considering paying someone to wash it (the horror!). winking smiley

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There are a lot of shops in my area also. They are mostly burger shops. The new ones are the fragrant pastries and the cell phones.

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I have never seen a gas station shop from them in my area (Tidewater, VA) Plenty of fast / casual food shops and wireless phone shops. Just got two bonused food shop requests by email today.
Lots of the non-reveal station shops in my area for about a week now. Most are still there. (This is the buy two gallons of gas and a snack and get $5 reimbursement.) I did my first and last one today just for fun. It was close to another shop I had so I figured why not? Cost me $7.99 for the gas and a snack. Gas is not cheap in SoCal! The report is simple. That said, outside of the wireless shops (boring), the only burger place left standing on the MFI list (had one too many of those "little" fries) and the over-priced and under-reimbursed gas stations, nothing new on the MFI play list.

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I signed up with them due to a email from a scheduler. They only ever offer car oil change or services in my area. There are loads of them. Is that the only shops they offer? I am not interested in that at all, is there a way to see other offers? I am thinking that maybe I don't know how to work their site. I should just delete them if that's all they offer. Any thoughts or suggestions?
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