Problem with Market Force

I'm supposed to do 5 gas station shops for Market Force today but I'm not sure what to do at this point. Two of the shops have the same address and two other shops are locations I shopped yesterday. It has to be a glitch in the system, right? I've emailed help desk and left a voice message. I'm not sure what else to do at this point. Has anyone else had this happen?

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Did you know this information before today? Like when you assigned the shops?

And these 4particular shops, all have different assignment IDs, including the ones you did yesterday? It may be a glitch in the system but its a holiday weekend, so you may not get in touch with anybody or anyone with you, unless it is late at night or in the early morning.

Why don't you see if you can reschedule until you hear from someone. Cancelling all 4 would probably send up flares, "brighter than the fourth of July"grinning smiley

I don't know what MFs GS shops entails, but if you have to get more gas, then get more gas..

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I have never encountered such with MF, and like you, think it's their glitch. I agree with sojo, first try to reschedule on their site. If not possible, and you haven't received a reply from MF, you have assigned shops. After thoroughly reading the CPI, guidelines and questionnaire, if there are no red lights, I would do the shops, after making sure each report would open.

Looking forward to hearing from you how this plays out.
I received a reply from them. I had two different schedulers respond. The first one removed one shop. Then I emailed them again and asked what to do about the other two and they said to go ahead and do them. I didn't realize when I scheduled them that they had the same address. There is a main road in my town that has numerous stations and I checked the road but didn't look too closely at the specific address. Oops! Well more gas for me I guess! smiling smiley
Their gas station shops are fairly easy, but it can be tough to discreetly take pics from outside without being seen by either staff or customers who are lingering around. And is there a rotation period on these shops please??
I take the outside pik last so if they see me - oh well. I am on my way home anyway. I think that there must be some kind of rotation since the ones close to home pop up every other month. Maybe a 60 day rotation?
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