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Does anybody ever get a shop not resubmitted for more detail? I only do intellishop for oil changes but every time I do I swear I try to put as much detail as I can but they still always send back for more detail it's frustrating! Intellishop is the onl company I work for where I have lower hen a 9 average! And what gets me even more frustrating is they'll send my report back for more detail in one area. I'll add like a senence and then they'll send it back for more detail from a different section and dock me 4 points because it was sent back they were different issues isn't it the editors fault for not telling me all he issues the first time they sent it back o me?!

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I've actually never had an Intellishop shop resubmitted for more detail, although I've been graded down on shops so not all my reports are 10s. About 30% of the time I get a 9. Once I even got an 8! What a bummer. But they didn't ask me for more information. However, I never do the oil changes. Maybe the editor on the oil change client is more demanding?
No, I only do their oil change and casino shops. I get 8s and 9s on the casino shops because they've needed more information but always get 10s on the oil change shops. I have done some car sales shops when they were bonused...I got 8s and 9s because I gave too much detail! As long as I get paid I don't care.
I love their oil changes! And would love to do there a casino shops but they're too far away for me. This is one of the first MSC I worked for. They have been around for a long time. How are there casinos shops are they tough?
The first car shop (test drive) I did for them was a 10. Since I write my reports up in Word, I saved it and used it as a model for future shops.

Every car shop I did after that came back with a request for more.

Ironically, the phone shops I do for them are always 10s. I don't put a lot of effort into those.

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Funny, I've never seen an oil change or Casino here in L.A. Just did a dealership (we'll see), and assigned another, pay low, and yes, I think their fussy!

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I did a casino shop, loved it, and received a 10. I just noticed, however, that the same one is open again and the fee has been cut in half! Just a word of warning, it is a great deal of work--you're running here and there for 2 days and writing very extensive narratives. The expenses were high, but there were no problems with reimbursements. I had already taken a similar 2-day job for this month for a different company at a different casino when I saw the Intellishop one listed, so had decided to pass even before I noticed the fee reduction from last year. The fee for the one I'm doing this month is exactly 5 times higher.
I had them send back a report asking how I got the associate's name since I stated he did not give it to me.. However, at the bottom of the paragraph I did state that I asked for it since he didn't introduce himself. Basically, the info was there all along. I sent an e-mail regarding that and submitted the report again without changing a thing... They gave me an 8 because they had to contact me! However, they really didn't need to contact me as the info was there the entire time! I emailed them again and they have never responded. Where is the communication?
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