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I usually get paid very early from MarketForce. I know their website says as late as the 20th, but has anyone else gotten paid yet? I haven't seen anything on the website indicating otherwise, but since every month I have already had gotten paid, I figured I would inquire about it. Any answers would be great, thanks in advance!

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I generally expect a direct deposit to land about the 10th of the month IF the 10th falls in the middle of a week. This month the 10th is during the weekend. I figure I'm likely to see my direct deposit on Tuesday the 12th.
This concern comes up every time the 10th is on a weekend. If you have direct deposit, their website should shortly have your payment for this month displayed. Expect it by the 13th at the latest.

**added: Go check their website for todays Shopper Message.

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I haven't received payment yet either. Usually i am paid on thd 11th, or if the 11th is a weekend day the following business day.
This is posted on the Market Force website in the Shopper Messages:

** "Shopper Payments in July

Shoppers will receive their Direct Deposits by July 15th, per the terms of your Independent Contractor Agreement. Shoppers will receive their mailed checks up to two weeks after the direct deposits are sent to our bank.

The payment details will be reflected on the Shopper Website on the day the payments are sent to our bank. It may take several days after that for the deposit to show up in your bank account. Some banks will reflect the same date we show on the Shopper Website, but later posting banks will show other dates.

If you have not received your Direct Deposit by the 20th, please let us know at that time as there is nothing we can do prior to that date.

As a reminder, your Independent Contractor Agreement and the Shopper Support Center states: “All compensation will be paid in arrears via check or direct deposit around the 15th to 20th of each calendar month, which covers completed assignments received in our office during the previous month.” " **
Here it is the 13th and I am still waiting for my payment. I sure hope it is deposited tomorrow.
I emailed the helpdesk today and they told me that there was a problem with Accounting and there were several shoppers that had not yet been paid. I don't know if this is true or not, because I am in the middle of an ongoing dispute with MFI about their failure to pay me for a shop that was completed in April. I finally got them to agree that they owed me a payment on June 19th, and they said it would be direct deposited in July, so I expected it between the 10th and the 15th.... and here is it, July 17th, and still no payment.

Midge Kennedy (Shopper Resources Supervisor) told me that they can't answer any questions about payments until they hear back from accounting, which is not there on the weekend. Again... I don't know if this is true for most shoppers, or just something they are telling me, but that might be the problem.
I too am waiting on payment (direct deposit) from MFI for the month of July. Their message on July 11th said the deposits would be in by the 15th, but not to inquire about late payments until the 20th, as they can not do anything about them until after that date. They also quoted their payment policy which says all payments are to be received by Shoppers between the 15th and 20th of the month following shop approval.

This is the only the second time my payment has been this late. I have worked with MFI for about 2 years. The only other time I had issues with payment was my very first cheque from them; it was MIA. They had to issue me a second cheque, and they did so between pay periods. I am actually relieved to know I am not alone. Anyone else still waiting for their direct deposit from MFI for July?

I would not rule MFI out just yet bigalwtn. It sounds like this has been a hard faught battle for you. But MFI has not stopped communicating with you, which is a good sign. And you have at least one other person in the same boat as you. We are both owed money at this point.

Lady Marius
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MF is only late based on their usual pay dates, not their stated terms. If they processed DD payments on Friday, most should see their deposit tomorrow or Tuesday.

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Thanks LisaSTL, I am aware that the shopper payment terms are that shoppers are to be paid by the 20th. However I just find it interesting, and just that, as I am not panicking about my payment just yet, that my payment was posted on the MFI webpage on the 13th. That means in MFI own words that, that is when their bank received my payout information. My bank has always posted my payments the day they appear on the MFI webpage. They actually sometimes post my payments to my account before they show up on MFI. Both times that happened I was owed very little.

My July payment is the largest payout so far for me this year. (Still smaller than when they had the Big FF client last year). And here we are 17th, 4 days after my payout information was posted on MFI, and no direct deposit yet! It has been obvious to me, at least, that the lose of the Big FF Client has had a huge impact on Shopper Pay. In that we seldom get out payments early any more. (I.e., the 10th) sad smiley. But I am getting off topic; I have no doubt I will be paid by Wednesday this week. If not I will contact the Helpdesk, and I am sure payment will be forthcoming.

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper
Anyone else have an update on this? I was told by an MFI executive today, that "We are not having problems with accounting/finance". She is saying that it seems to just be a problem with me. I told her that another employee told me the exact opposite, that this problem was affecting others.

So obviously, they are not being completely honest with me. Didn't someone say there was a shopper announcement on the portal stating that there was a problem with July payments?
Well, according to MFI, my DD was July 13th and here it is now the 18th and there is no sign of it. And the 13th fell on Wednesday, not the weekend. Yes, definitely there is a problem with their payment and it's definitely not the fault of my bank. And if payments are mostly reimbursements, it is not a very good excuse. The 20th is supposed to be the date for check payment so I am not sold with that explanation. Sorry.
I finally got my DD at 4:51 EDT yesterday. They have until after the 20th before they are actually late. MFI listed mine on July 13th as well, and my money always posts to my bank the same day it appears on MFI. I stated that above, and this is the first time, ever, that it was not either in my account before, or the same day as the date listed on MFI. So there is indeed a problem with the DDs. This is not an isolated situation. But MFs own policy says that shoppers are to be paid between the 15th and 20th of the month following. Thus they have until after Wednesday before they are actually late in payment. If you have not gotten your DD by then, then contact the helpdesk. They said on the 11th that there was nothing they could do before that date.

Lady Marius
Canadian Mystery Shopper

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Wow. I was one of the lucky ones. Mine showed paid on the website on the 13th and "pending" in my account that day. It was actually in my account the 14th. This was my first month for direct deposit. In the past I have gotten a check mailed.
If this is the first time receiving a DD to your account, specially if you changed accounts, do not assume the problem is with the payor. Is your account information accurate? Have you checked with your bank to verify if they see any problems? With my previous employer, some employees received their commissions the same day they were generated, mine would take several extra days to show up. They way a bank sets up there Fed feed affects this, as well as some routing number strategies.

My posts are solely based on my opinions and for my entertainment, contact a professional if you need real advice.

When you get in debt you become a slave. - Andrew Jackson
You had one shop payment past due, which was recognized and paid. Things happen.

@bigalwtn wrote:

Finally received the direct deposit today! Only 2 months late.

My posts are solely based on my opinions and for my entertainment, contact a professional if you need real advice.

When you get in debt you become a slave. - Andrew Jackson
@bigalwtn wrote:

Finally received the direct deposit today! Only 2 months late.

Looks like Market force is in good company. I am a state employee who gets paid through direct deposit. Changing a bank account is always problematic. Be glad it was a relatively small amount rather than your entire paycheck. And my state is not even one of the bankrupt states. Hopefully, your new bank account is in place now and you will not have deposit problems with other companies.
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