I go in search of jobs, and find a movie house with dinner and drink (newest thing in L.A.) I want it, read instructions and the age requirement is up to 31 years old. Pardon me, I'm a huge movie buff, so, now I'm to old to go to the movies, give me a frucking break!

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Are you talking about confero's alcohol age compliance movie theater check? If so that's pretty standard for alcohol age compliance, it's high if anything.
I'm more surprised to hear the theater with dinner and drinks is a new concept in LA. We have had it here for quite a while. At least one theater often has the menu designed around the theme of the movie.

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Lisa, only living in L.A. and not having been one to yet, I "thought" it was an L.A. thing. I may be thinking of something other than they have available. Perhaps it is age compliance, in which case, I surrender. What I thought it was is not a compliance shop. They have dinners and drinks in a couple theaters, with nothing to do with age.

Live consciously....
We have several here and I love seeing a movie and ordering dinner and drinks. The Confero movie shop I know of does want to know if they check your ID before serving you alcohol so the age is limited to 31.
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