MarketForce site down?

Please tell me I am not the only one having problems...I was in the middle of reporting a shop, and when I hit "next," I got an error message. Now I am only getting error messages...Grrrr......

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It is down here at 11:45 PM Eastern Time Zone.... and I never can get it to open up any shop lists after 10:30 PM all of the time, goes down nightly for maintenance perhaps???
Yep, it's down for me for the last half hour. I was about to hit submit on a shop when it started spitting out errors, too. Frustrating.
Great! For a minute there I thought I had been canned.

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Was about to post.... I get an error message when I log in. Pages says ERROR...Exception type: Exception.

Then list bunch of nonsense....
Arch, thanks for posting about the nightly issues. I will be sure to try to input much earlier now. I'm on the Pacific coast and was planning on a leisurely evening of watching prime time TV while inputting results tonight. Now I know that in the future I need to dash home and fill out my Marketforce surveys first thing!
Give me 10 minutes to finish my report and then everyone log on and take it down again...LOL!
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