Can anyone access their August gas station paperwork for Maritz CX?

My monthly gas station shops are supposed to have the reports available for viewing at the latest by the day before the shops starts. Tomorrow is August 1st but I am still getting the "There was an error loading the eval." message when I try to access each shop to get the required security code. The links with the updated guidelines and new POP requirements are working but no actual report.

Is anyone having the same issue with their gas station shops? I know they have more than one GS client but we can not reveal the names in this thread since I have named the MSC.

BTW, the reason for not seeing the report is NOT due to it being the weekend. I have received access to my reports in the past when they fall on a weekend, even a holiday weekend.

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Sybil, having been able to access the other GS shops as well as the big box diy store, I am finding that the error is only particular to the (one particular brand of) GS shops.
Earlier, i downloaded all of the new data for (one particular brand )for August. I am getting the error message for the security code information.

Hope they fix it by tomorrow!

(Mod note: Although initials don't specifically name the client, in a particular line of retail such as gas stations where the number of brands are limited, it could be construed as "too close" to naming.)
I have been getting the error message as well. Just tried again and no change. Actually they screwed up my requested shops starting in May and June. there were no shops automatically assigned for May and only 8 or 9 for June and I had to scramble to fill in. It got corrected for July but I am still scrambling for Aug due to the earlier oversights.
Thanks for the two replies. Still not fixed on my end so no gas station shops for me on Monday.

@French Farmer, be careful about using the initials of a client's name in a thread where the MSC's name has been mentioned. Many people consider that a forum and/or ICA violation. That is why I was vague in my OP.

@LIJake, now that you said something, I think my June and August monthly shops were on the light side. But I was inundated in July. I prefer to have my gas station shops a little more evenly spread out. I gave away gas to strangers in July.
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