I did my first shop for them 10 days ago and it's still in review. Does anyone know the usual turn-around?


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I don't know what has happened to them. They used to have some very responsive, personable schedulers. Shops used to get reviewed in 24-48 hrs. These days it is unfamiliar names, almost impossible to get a shop assigned despite many years of almost all 10s and never anything lower than a 9. I have given up on them.
Most larger shops are in review for up to 10 days. That is not unusual and I would not worry at all. They pay on time, and your job being in review only means that they are working on it and as soon as it is verified and checked, it goes immediately into the to be paid area (not sure about the vernacular..). Do not worry, I have always been paid on time and more promptly then many other companies.
Day 11: Out of review and graded. Happy with the grade. I was mostly worried because it qualified in the 1-2% ODDEST SHOPS OF ALL-TIME list due to unforeseen circumstances so I wasn't sure what exactly would happen. As it turns out everything worked out as good as hoped for so I'll look forward to more opportunities unless there is a non-payment issue.
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