Confero August payment

My shop log says I was paid by Confero on 8/25 and but I haven't seen the funds in Paypal yet. Did anyone else have this issue? My previous payment was dated 7/11 on the log and I got the money on 7/12. I hate having to chase down money owed to me.

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It looks like I have the same issue. This is my first payment from them, so I am glad that it does not sound like you have had this issue with them before. I sent messages from my shopper log and will see what happens.

Mystery shopping around Georgia.
I got my payment today. I contacted them last week at and explained the issue and gave them all the details. I got an email yesterday from their Payments Team that the payment was showing as unclaimed and that they would claim it and resend it. I had the money in my Paypal account later in the day. I have never had this happen before so hopefully it was a fluke.
I got mine yesterday. I had contacted the same e-mail address just beforehand, but I think the timing was coincidence.

Mystery shopping around Georgia.
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