Ipsos Pay Schedule

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Ipsos pays the 15th and last day of the month. Like clockwork.

Here is a list of MSC pay dates that another shopper compiled. [www.mysteryshopforum.com]
Do you know what the wait time is? For example, is it on the 15th of the first month following a shop completed by the 15th? Or for a shop completed by the 30th?
I really haven't paid that much attention because overall payments have been prompt. I did a shop on the 12th that according to the history was 'verification pending' or some such for a few days. It got included on the statement on the 22nd so I expect to see payment within a few days to a week. My guess is that if I had done a shop a week later in the month it would not have had time for 'verification' so would likely not be included in the statement. I do think they do just one payment cycle per month with a statement date towards the end of the month.
Although I've only done a few shops for them, it seems that I have received my pay actually a day or two BEFORE the scheduled due date....no complaints from me!
They switched to two payments per month back in June. It looks like the pay periods are the 7th - 22nd then the 22-7th. That's for jobs that have been OK'd for pay, which at times can take a week or more.

I remember reading a few people had problems with their pay for one type of job a month or so ago . I think there was a problem with reimbursement and they were working with the company to get things fixed. I've had no problems with being paid accurately and on time. I've had other issues with one of the MSC's jobs and will no longer do their cell phone shops but those were not problems being paid once the jobs were approved.

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i do many, many assignments for ipsos...about 60 +/- per month and i don't know what their payment schedule is. what i do know is that they pay regularly and i have never, ever had any kind of payment issue with them.

actually, i did have a very brief issue with them being a few days late about a year ago due to some kind of computer malfunction but it was rectified quickly with mea culpas issued to everyone who was affected.

they are the poster child for prompt payment along with others such as mf, seelevelhx,north fork, ts, s2n, bestmark, tss, montery and a few others.
It may be on your original application with them. Go in to your profile. I think they only pay per PayPal.smiling smiley
I love them! I like getting paid twice per month and I've never had a payment issue that wasn't resolved on the next pay period. They are great.
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