Market Force, how to contact a scheduler?

I signed up for a handful of quick gas shops for next month I was planning to do 3 one day and 1 another (close to another job). I was going to pick up 2 more for the next week but after I selected the first all the other gas jobs were no longer available (obviously I have a 5 shop limit). I want to see if they'll schedule me for the other shop in the area but don't know how to contact the scheduler. Is the only way to go through the help desk? They haven't been overly helpful in my limited experience with them.

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I have always gone thru the help desk to ask any questions. I think there is a general number on their site. They do limit the number that you can apply for but if they are desperate you can always ask. I think I would just start with the help desk.
It would be too good of an idea if they noted on the general description page if there was a limit to that type of shop. That has gotten me a couple times....a grocery chain they used to do limited it to 5 per month, but I didn't know until I went to sign up for the 6th and they have a retail store with a limit of 3 per month, and I didn't know until I went to sign up for the 4th.....planning on doing 2 nearby locations in one day, but then only getting 1, making it not worth the trip to the area.
I have had this happen as well. I have learned to assign my "first pics" first and then see what I can get after that. Sometimes I like to have a day of going to do the same thing all day long, like cell phones shops. It is very disappointing when they "cut you off" like that.

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