Mystery shop cancelled my negative report and won't pay

I have been mystery shopping for over 10 years. Few weeks ago I did a drive in Hot Dog
shop for MarketForce which I have done many times before. But this last time was a little different than previous in that I made a negative report about the quality of food, not the service. The food was so bad that I wrote "They should post a sign that reads 'Food here is detrimental to your health'".. Market force cancelled my report and informed me that they could not accept such a negative report. Their client would not accept it and therefor they would not pay me. Voila! Lesson-Don't be honest if you want to be paid.!

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I agree with OCyou2. Your report was a general negative comment and not based on specific aspect of the food or service. Facts are what are needed, not a judgmental adlib, loaded with sarcasm. That's according to most Guidelines.
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Surprise, surprise. Another "new" forum member with 10 years of "experience" creates a persona to complain about MF. All within 17 minutes of joining the forum. Checking the bottom of my shoes.
I agree with OC2you and risinghorizon. It was not the fact your report was negative that made MF reject it.
It was the fact that your negative comments were opinions not observations. We are paid to observe and report, nothing more. If they want opinions, they can go on Yelp for free.
I sense a troll. The report may have been accepted if you said something like the bun was stall, the meat was overcooked.

But when you write a report it has to just state the facts, not make comments like "They should post a sign that reads 'Food here is detrimental to your health
After 10 years of MSing, you still haven't figured out the MSC does not want your opinion?

Personally, I'd lay off eating so many hot dogs.
It would be sufficient to say, "The hot dog was dry, chewy, and had an unpleasant flavor. The bun was crunchy, not soft." Anyone who has been shopping for 10 years should know better than to write subjective opinions in a mystery shop report.
wow...just wow.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
mystroman, welcome to the forum.

Our reports have to be objective. I had ACL reject one of my gas station reports because it was negative. I was objective, but it was still rejected.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
I am worried about a report being rejected from them that I recently did but I reported a factual occurrence.

Why did it take the employee longer than 10 seconds to greet you?
Please clarify on what you meant by inappropriate conversation. Why did it take the associate so long to greet you? Please explain.

Me: The employee took four minutes and fifteen seconds to notice me and provide me with a greeting. While I was standing at the counter waiting for a greeting, the employees were behind the counter having an inappropriate conversation about their job, how much they hated their job, and how they didn't want to deal with customers today. The employee continued to go on about how "pissed" off she was with her job and how she was tired of working evenings with two employees and that she was going to tell her boss to learn how to [expletive] schedule. When the associate noticed me looking at the menu board by her register, she quickly stopped speaking, smiled, walked over, and asked if she could take my order" ....

0_o among other things that were happening while I was waiting. Eh.

I would have simply said that the employees were having personal conversations and did not observe me to walk in. But I dont think ACL will invalidate your shop for a negative report.
If I was the company owner, I'd want to know. Did a reveal shop once where the person didn't ask the required question. Another employee reminded her. She said that she had already gotten her reward previously so she couldn't be bothered to ask the stupid question every time. I quoted her verbatim. And, yes, I wrote down the better employee's comments as well.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
Sometimes, it does not pay to volunteer information. As in court, just answer the question.---They were having animated conversation, oblivious of the presence of customers around.

When I was new, to prove that the service was slow, I added that the couple beside me in the bar left because they waited so long. I was told to just report on my experience. That taught me a very good lesson on just answering the question. If further comments are needed, they would have a space for that.

Another time, I added the extra recommendation mentioned by the manager who was too eager to sell. I was not paid for that because they concluded that I had asked about that service, which I did not!
I learned quickly to omit my "opinion" in any narrative. I made that mistake recently on an internal comment. It just opened up scrutiny and placed my report on hold.

Never again... "just the facts ma'am"
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