Is Anyone having problems with the Market Force website?

I'm trying to enter a report and it keeps bouncing me out or hanging when I try to go to a new screen or upload a photo. Now, I can't log in at all.

I've emailed the help desk and got an automated reply saying that I won't be dinged if I'm late getting my report in due to me waiting on them. All I have left is to upload a photo and a receipt.

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I have been doing the same with the site this afternoon. Waiting to upload receipt and CPI and can no longer log in. Very frustrating!
It was really slow this afternoon but I was able to print paperwork. Right now it is not working at all. I got the "503 Service Unavailable" page. I need to submit a report. Ugh!

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Yes, I'm getting the '503' message, too. Figures; I REALLY wanted to finish the report before dinner.

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Make sure you email the help desk so that they don't ding you for being late! I'm now getting the 503 Server Unavailable message too.
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