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KSS is a scheduling company. I have never had a problem with them. Check out who the MSC is they are scheduling for.

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I have done a number of investment shops scheduled by KSS. They went fine. No complaints at all.

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I've done their bank shops with no problem.

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I have done one investment shop but not the current ones they have up now. I've steered clear of the ones that pay only like $25 because they look too complicated for the money, in my opinion.

However, I've done several bank shops with them for Kinesis and I really liked it. I did one for Maritz and it was ok. I have done a few for Reality Check but have found that most aren't really worth my time. Eh, c'est la vie.
I did one scheduled by KSS for Kinesis.....it was o.k., not horrible. They take awhile assigning you. I would do another. The Spanish bank jobs pay 200.00.

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