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I have not idea why but I have been deactivated by SeeLevel. I have done 122 shops with them and have an average rating of 9. I have never had any issues with my shops that I have been made aware of.

I have emailed a couple of the schedulers but have not heard back as of right now.

Anyone else have this happen?


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No, it might be some sort of techincal glitch. If you don't hear back by Monday, give them a call.
@Luvnairda wrote:

Anyone else have this happen?
Not with SeeLevel, but last month I got an email from Maritz saying that, "PER MY REQUEST" (huh?) they were deactivating my account.....I had never asked them to deactivate me. Sure, I've only done one shop for them this year, but still! So I called them, and they had apparently tried to call me on my landline and couldn't get through, so they dismissed that as not being interested. They said they HAVE to have a number to reach me at (for all those wonderful shops they need someone to fill...right!). So I gave them my cell number, but they haven't called me on it yet....which is OK, because not too many of their shops interest me at the moment. But I was re-activated. So maybe in your case, they've been unable to contact you or something similar. Just a thot.
Please contact - our head of scheduling. If there was some kind of mistake we'll be happy to help you.

VP Operations, SeeLevel
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