Strategic Reflections Anyone Paid for August Shops yet?

Come on... It's Oct 16 and no pay for AUGUST shops yet. What's up with this company?

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The checks went out on Saturday.

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This email is to notify you that your Strategic Reflections, Inc. shopper check for all shops completed in August was mailed on Saturday, 10/15/16. Please look for it to arrive shortly.
I always have to hold on to the NSS check to deposit them together. I just sits there, staring at me everyday, waiting for Strategic. I hold both for two months because they're both usually around $100.
I have the same question, but for September. Does anyone know when September checks will go out?
Ok. This will be my first check from them. I havent received anything yet.

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You can look in "History" on the portal to see payments ready to pay but I couldn't find where it shows when a check was sent out. They are SO nice, I'm sure you could call them. I know our mailman has been delivering mail by the light of his cell phone lately and now with Veteran's Day there might be a delay.
Do they usually pay around mid-month? I did some work in January that is showing as invoiced on March 1, but no check. I noticed dates on this thread make it seem like they're a mid-month payer.

Officially they "process checks" the last day of the month following the shop. Oddly enough it used to take them 10-12 days to "process checks" and they would be mailed around the 12th. The last 6 months or so it has taken them 15 or so days to "process checks."

FWIW. I could process a check in about 3 minutes.

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When running small businesses I could process dozens of checks in not much more than three minutessmiling smiley

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