Alta360 - Legitimate?

I am looking at signing up for Alta360, and just want to double check that it is a good company. I looked back at previous threads, but they all seem older, so any info you have would be great! They are the only one that requires a driver's license upload, and I am a little bit leary about that. What has your experience been? Thank you!

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They are legit. Pretty much any company listed on the Master List is a safe bet. FYI, many companies require a copy of your driver's license. No biggie.
They are a good company. I signed up with them a while ago, but just recently started doing their shops. They pay on time.

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AND some of there grocery shops are bonus-ed a couple times. during the week. SO is very personable and will work with yousmiling smileysmiling smiley

BTW, the real Direct Deposit is the way to go for payment. They do charge for payment by checksmiling smiley

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I shop with them and have never had a problem. DD comes the end of the month after the month you shop. So if you shop in October, you will have your money in the bank at the end of November. (Although I seem to remember reading somewhere that if you are a real "regular" for them, and do lots of shops for them, payment may be quicker...not 100% sure on that, but if I'm wrong, someone please correct me!)
I think they tend to pay on the lower end of the spectrum. I have been with them since they were Ritter & Associates. Good company. I wait for bonuses.

I think they tend to pay on the lower end of the spectrum. I have been with them since they were Ritter & Associates. Good company. I wait for bonuses.
I agree with you on that. But if I can get 12 of their convenience stores all in my area, and do up to 6 a day, each taking no more than 10 - 12 minutes, that makes it worthwhile for me, since they are so close to home. Plus the reimbursements stock me up on crackers and bananas!! And they DO pay on time!
I also like the feature by clicking CLICK HERE you can see ALL shops nationwide as well as statewide. So while a few shops may shop up in your immediate area, you see shops farther out, so you can plan a route if you like. smiling smileysmiling smiley
This is all so helpful - thank you all very much! I did sign up. I was just nervous about them having my social and driver's license...the other companies I work for didn't require the license. I do like that their report forms are a ton shorter then the ones I am used to. I can easily get a group of these done in one chunk. It's worth the fees, I think!
I have done a few shops for them , they pay so fast on them I was shock . I know some of you do not like the wotrd fun use about a shop but these two were fun shops. I will work for them again in a heat beat.

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RIGHT! I wasn't sure I could mention one of the actual requirements, but since you did, I agree on that!!
I didn't say which convenience stores or which regions, so I think I am safe to mention a required purchase, right?
One of my favorite companies and I find the fees are better than many MSCs

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Yep, one of the better companies and they usually have a LOT of gas station shops on the board usually for 3-4 different brands so there is always a lot of work in any given area. Each one is done a little different and that works for me.
They were formerly known as Ritter and Assocs. and have been around for ages. Good company with low starting fees.

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I've been working with them every since I started mystery shopping. They're ALWAYS on time paying. I had one shop rejected once, but it was because I had forgotten one of the requirements. Never stopped me from working with them and they often reach out now when they have available shops. I'd recommend them any time!
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