KSS International, HS Brands International & Word Smith Pros involved in the same shop!?

I recently completed a shop. The report was entered through HS Brands International. In the middle of doing the report, their website did something funny to where I could not edit some of the answers and the fields were hidden. A couple of the answers were incorrect, but since I could not get around it, I submitted it. I emailed the scheduler, who was with KSS International, to notify her of the issue. I asked if she could please forward my issue to whoever was going to edit my report because I had to give them the correct information. I received no response. A few days later I received confirmation that my report was edited and turned in to the client. The email said to respond to a Word Smith Pros email if there were questions. So, I sent an email to the user that it stated, asking her if the scheduler passed on the information to her that I needed to speak with her before editing the report. I received no response. Since the report had incorrect information, I'm curious if it will be rejected. I'm pretty frustrated about the situation. I am hesitant to do any more shops for these companies if they cannot simply reply to an email. I cannot stand bad customer service. Has anybody had an issue with receiving a response from these companies?

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KSS scheduled the shop for HSBrands, and Wordsmith edited it. It doesn't sound like the editor received the information that you needed to speak with her.

If it had happened to me, I would not have submitted it with incorrect information. OR, I would have put extensive notes to the editor in the narrative area (assuming there is one). At this point, I don't know what else you can do unless you feel it's important enough to email Lorri Kern. It's already been turned into the client. My experience is that most KSS schedulers reply in a timely manner (Shelley is the fastest). I would probably not take another of those shops from one who doesn't respond. HS Brands takes forever to pay, anyway, so I'm not sure you've really lost anything.

Now scheduling travel shops for the day after Christmas through mid-January.
Always have a difficult time contacting anyone for shops through HS Brands - seem to get passed along like a hot potato and nobody answers.
I try to enter my report within the deadline period, usually 12 hours. It was right at 12 hours when I submitted it, so I did not want to wait any longer, in case I would not receive a response and the report be turned in late.

That's good to know about HS Brands. I won't hold my breath.

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KSS is just the scheduling company, not the MSC. You need to get in touch with the MSC who you are shopping for.
Well, the problem with asking the scheduler to notify the editor is that the shops go in a pool and are randomly assigned to editors; she/he could not know which editor was going to get your shop. She could, however, have contacted someone at the MSC about it and had them put the shop back in your log or have them call you to figure out how to get around the problem and enter the correct answers. Also, in Sassie, if you don't click save and were to just exit the report, you could start all over again. I know it sucks when you lose some of your work but at least you wouldn't have to submit a shop with wrong answers. With Sassie I often answer several of the questions and then save my work, rinse, repeat, then go back in to finish. If the shop has been turned into the client, there is nothing else you can do at this point.

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I SAVE every narrative throughout my report no matter what MSC I shop for. I learnt my lesson years ago.

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That comes in handy so much more than just to prove/disprove anything. When you go to apply for a company that wants a narrative, you can copy and paste then remove sensitive information such as the client's name, etc. for your narrative example to show how nicely you write smiling smiley
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