Is There A NEW Insula??? Still shows up in Prophet!

Hi all,
I was going through the list of Prophet companies I am signed up with, and saw that I still had Insula in my list. I know they are now part of SeeLevelHX, yet when I tried to sign in on the old Prophet sight, I was able to get into my account, like nothing has happened!! Here is the URL that I used:

When I checked for jobs in my area, there were none. So I decided to check three large states: NY, CA & TX. When I checked for jobs in those states, I got the message: "You are not eligible for any of the visits in the cities you chose". There is NO indication that they have been bought out anywhere on the site!

You'd think if they were defunct, that there would be no way to log in, or check for jobs. So I was just wondering. Anyone have any idea??? TIA!

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I wish! I loved them! Once they merged, there was no longer self-assign and fees were slashed to nearly nothing. A certain photo audit used to be $15, now they're about $4.

There are many (former) MSCs which have Phophet boards. It seems once an MSC has one, it never dies -- even if the MSC does.
@Rousseau wrote:

It seems once an MSC has one, it never dies -- even if the MSC does.[/quote

LOL .... for some reason, that tickled me! Oh well, guess I'll go and delete that MSC from my Prophet list!
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