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Watch this company, they ignore inquiries about non-payments, it seems they flat out don't care about getting money to their shoppers. I submitted the required invoicing by scanning and sent it over. They paid me for one job, but not the second one on the invoice. I sent three separate emails over 2 month's time addressing it, the project had been accepted and graded as a 10/10. I never received a response, so I was going to submit a new invoice. Their instructions are you must use their invoice template either on paper or through an "interactive Excel invoice." The instructions say to email the project manager on the job for which to get paid and ask for the Excel invoice to be sent over. So that is what I did. Instead of getting the invoice, I get an email from the project manager saying that I should not be contacting her for payment reasons and told me to email invoicing again. I did that. Still not one response, nor payment. The project manager also told me that if it has been 180 days since the job was accepted, they will not pay out. Well, let's see - when you ignore the invoice and the inquiries coming from the shopper for 180 days, I suppose they don't pay as promised. I'll no longer shop for this company.

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Perhaps if you put in your email that you will be contacting the owner of the business you shopped to report them, you will get a response.
I got paid for a June shop in October. I sent the invoice to their invoice email in July. I enjoyed the shops, but four months is too long to wait to get paid.

I started chasing payment in the beginning of October. It was a vicious cycle.

"There's so much trouble in this world; surrounded by miracles" - Citizen Cope
Not worth the few dollars it was over. I just wanted to close out my books for the year. Lesson learned.
Yes, Cirrus does state that it takes three months to get paid. If there were enough jobs in my area with the company and I had revolving projects, it wouldn't be a big deal. But I did just completely cancel my profile with them. The only jobs they ever had were $4 phone jobs and a home for sale audit once at great pay, but it wan't worth my time. I'm working online a lot more with transcription lately and only doing mystery shopping about once a month to get out of the house and only if the pay is decent plus reimbursement because I have to pay for the bus.
While they do clearly state their lengthy pay cycle, my problem with them is that more times than not I have to chase them for my money, extending the already industry-leading payout period.

I was actually shocked when I received my payment for July on November 1! At $168 it was a nice little bump to start the month.

Will I continue to shop for them? Sure. I know what I'm getting into, and the number one thing I like about mystery shopping is having accounts receivable out there. As long as something is flowing in each month, I'm good.

Unfortunately I have shopped just about every apartment location they offer in my area, so I have to wait out the 365 day cycle. I'm also being a bit more picky overall about the shopping I do these days, so I will usually wait for a bonus to be posted before I request a shop. They have one scheduler, best I can tell, and I have always had excellent communication with her. I feel confident that I always have a good shot at getting the locations I request.
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