Outstanding Shared Insight Payments

I am missing over $100 worth of payments for Shared Insight shops. These shops date back to July, August, and September. I have contacted the company via phone, and have had interaction with one person in particular. This person informed me that my concerns would be forwarded directly to the accounting department and then checks would be reissued. That was two weeks ago.

After this correspondence, and not receiving any checks, I continued to contact the company via their email form on the website, via personal email, and voicemail. I haven't heard anything back from Ryan or anyone at Shared Insight and am just at a loss.

Does anyone have any suggestions on alternate ways to contact the company?

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I have shopped with Shared Insight, but only within the past 6 months or so and just one job here, one job there. I have never not been paid, with my payment coming usually on or around the 25th of the month after the month the job was done. Example 9/20 job paid 10/25, via PayPal. I believe they self schedule so have you tried your scheduler? Here is what their website has. Do you see the payments as pending in your Payment History? It is a little quirky on their website but you can see your jobs and what you should, were or will be paid. Click on pending payments, even if it is Zero, and it will take you to your history, where you can go back month by month and see what you were paid and / or if it was carried over, dispersed etc.

Have you ever been successfully paid by them? I ask because maybe your PayPal address is wrong in their system? Check that as well.

If no resolution, I would reach out to Pam Olmstead on Facebook [www.facebook.com] She is the ISMC, she started it and has great relationships with many of the MSC owners, companies and could probably get you a better name or email address.

Shared Insight Inc.
1501 N.Sepulveda Blvd
Suites E & F
Manhattan Beach
CA 90266
Phone numbers
Office: (310) 796 0080
Fax: (310) 796 0084
Hello- following up on this since I am in the same boat. Have you been paid by the company yet?
A job I completed in August for Shared Insight was not paid until November and only after I contacted them. I just sent a pay inquiry message through their website for jobs completed in October. According to their pay schedule that check should have been issued November 30 and received in the mail the first week in December. My payment summary on the webpage shows the payment was made November 7, but I've learned from the past that the date it shows is not actually the date a check is issued or mailed. I really like shopping two of their clients but it is very frustrating to have to chase payment. I still am old fashioned and prefer checks instead of Paypal if given the option.
I have worked for them for years and have always gotten paid in a timely manner. If you have checked your paypal address and it seems okay then give them a call to see what's up. Their phone number is on their website on the page right before you sign in. They are very nice.
Thanks, but as I indicated, I receive payment by check. So confirming a paypal address would not be applicable.
They have an A+ rating with the BBB. Maybe file a complaint thru them if you're getting no response?
Just curious but why prefer checks, they can get lost, damaged, take much longer and some companies are even beginning to charge for them. I prefer Direct deposit best, then paypal, to get my money sooner.
Why do I prefer checks? My career was in finances. I want a face-to-face transaction with a bank teller and the paper check in hand. It is not an inconvenience to go to the bank as I drive near a branch several times a week while mystery shopping. I have never had a check lost or damaged. The extra time to receive checks is not an issue for me. I have never used an ATM and don't plan to. I believe financial transactions through the internet have potentially greater risks of my information being hacked and stolen. Identity fraud is much more prevalent since financial transactions have increased online. I was mystery shopping in the 1990s/2000s and completely stopped when companies I was working with begin to require Paypal. In recent years I returned to mystery shopping because of the need for additional income and had to bite the bullet and accept the use of Paypal. But I don't like it at all. Yes, I am from an older generation who grew up with a different world. The younger generation is learning a different way. Fortunately, we still have choices until the banks all do away with tellers and we become a cashless society. Hope I am not around to see it.
Okay then, if you get checks you can still make a phone call. That is a very old fashioned thing to do so you should like that as you explained you like older ways of doing business. I call them often and it seems to be the best way to get in touch. I think they have a relatively small office staff and contact us emails seem to get lost in cyber space. When I call and get them in they are very helpful. Not so much with email or even phone messages. (west coast time)

@JoR wrote:

Thanks, but as I indicated, I receive payment by check. So confirming a paypal address would not be applicable.
I am curious have you received payment yet for your October shop? I have a shop with them I completed the end of November 2016 and haven't received payment yet and according to their pay schedule it should have been mailed out 12/31.... I plan to call them Monday but was curious if you had received your October payment? Thanks!!
I did a shop for them in October. I had not been paid according to their stated terms, and opened a ticket mid-December. My payment history showed I had been paid for the assignment. I never received a reply. However, I received payment mid-January, without explanation.
I'm trying to find the payment history for Shared Insights, can anyone tell me how to find it? I only completed one shop for them in 2016 and they paid via paypal so I have the total payment and I'm pretty sure the fee was $5 plus reimbursement.
On kyour home page, select Payments. It will show the last pay date 2/28/17. Under that, if you did no assignments this month, it will say
Pending: 0 Payments

Click on the 0 Payments. It will show your current month pay statement. You can move forward and backward and view the monthly statements by clicking Previous Month and and Next Month.

Your Monthly Statement will show the Job ID#, client, fee and reimbursement.
Oh, yes, I see it. Thank you so much!!! The taxman is calling for all of it's pennies!
It's not broken down there either, payment and reimbursement.

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