MF deactivated me (resolved)

Update: They found my receipt and reinstated my account.

I got an email today saying that my MF account was deactivated because one of my receipts (for a location more than 100 miles from my home) had not been verified. They paid me for the shop and this is the first I have been notified of an issue. The assignment is not listed in the CPI/receipts section of their site so I cannot confirm.
I uploaded the receipt through their app while reporting. I was in Manhattan at the time (trying to meet the 8 hr report requirement), so there is a chance the file got mangled by my 4G.

This is not too surprising coming from MF but I am confused why they would pay for a shop and then tell me about an issue a month later.

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*shrugs* because they want to. They don't seem to have much love for folks who know what they're doing. At this point I've given up trying to figure out why. At least their theatrical side is more sensible.
They actually deactivated you for the error? That seems a bit harsh for a missing or invalid receipt copy.

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At least they gave you a reason. Not everyone is so "fortunate."

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@jellybee wrote:

Update- they found my receipt and have reactivated me.

Maybe you can update the subject line and original post to reflect the current status?

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