Issue requesting Market Force shops

Is it just me? This is only the 2nd time I have requested a shop from Market Force. When I hit the "details" button I am taken to a quiz on the shop. I am required to take this quiz, that is specific to a particular shop, without ever viewing the guidelines and any details other than what is on the open assignment screen. On both occasions, when I take the quiz I am told I don't qualify for whatever reason and I am no longer able to view the assignments, literally. MF says I have to wait 6 months.

The first time this happened I contacted MF right away. They said they knew about the issue and they did something to reset my account on their end. Afterwards, I was able to request the one shop that hadn't been taken yet. Today, I ran into the same damn issue. Is this happening to anyone else?

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I had an issue once where I knew I answered the questions correctly for a new client and I notified MF. They admitted that there was a problem with the qualifying questions and corrected it. It is also possible that you may have answered a question incorrectly. Sometimes they are a little tricky so you have to read them carefully. Usually it's just to make sure you don't have any food allergies, are able to scan the receipt, don't know anyone who works for the client etc. You have to be careful that your "no" or "yes" answer is the correct response to how the question is worded. Normally you don't get a second chance unless it is clearly their mistake.
Another hint with their quiz is to make sure that as you move around the screen your radio button for the answer doesn't change. This can happen if you use tab to move between questions or are sloppy with your mouse drag. Generally the disqualification is for one full release of shops as with each release there is a repetition of the quiz.
I too was disqualified for a shop and didn't think I got any questions wrong. It did say that I would be able to re do it in the next round which wasn't that long of a wait.
MF responded that they can't reverse the score or my being locked out. Although they did that just two weeks ago. I'm quite certain I didn't miss any of the questions. MF suggested I copy the screen next time before submitting. They say they can't view the results. So, they are unable to tell me why I'm getting disqualified. I will be able to make another attempt on the next go round. Freaking sucks.

Shopping up and down the Colorado Rocky Mountain front range.
I think we have all been there at some time or other @COMystery. And the discrepancy you mention--that one time they reset and at another that they indicate they have no ability to reset--is the source of a great deal of frustration many of us have with MF. If you ask 3 different people there the exact same question you will likely get 3 different answers. It does not give one confidence that they are playing it straight with you or else they are just winging answers based on total ignorance.
I did this with a shop where it asked if I was willing to pay for something out of pocket. Little did I know it was only a $2 item I could reuse over and over on shops, but when I read that, I was like nope, I don't want to buy this out of pocket without knowing what it even is. -_- oops.

I also have to answer questions before I can pick the shop. Just be careful when you answer the question. It is easy to give just one answer and you can't pick the shop. you should write to them and ask why you are were rejected twice. they are really nice people.
I questioned once when I was rejected and they reversed it. They may have had a problem with the way the question was set up.
There are normally two no questions per quiz - with food shops anyway. Are you allergic to things and do you know anyone working there. I answered all questions as I normally would and was rejected before. It specifically said not to contact them, but I still did, knowing it was an internal error. I was ignored. It got fixed the next month, but it was annoying that they didn't try to remedy the situation or at least acknowledge my email. Maybe they were mad I ignored their "do not attempt to contact us over the matter" rule.

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Sometimes the questions are worded tricky too. I remember with one of the burger places they re-worded the question differently and it caused me to be disqualified.
Sometimes I feel that if my reports were as well-written as the guidelines and/or qualifying quizzes, my reports would be summarily rejected. Oops, I meant if my reports were as poorly written!

I don't take Martketforce quizzes any more (unless it's the one the client requires, AFTER you have accepted a shop); I avoid them by having schedulers assign me the shop.

Somehow, that by-passes 98% of the quizzes.

Just sayin'. YMMV.
As another post said, IMO the reasons are to weed out people who have families working for the targeted client (or to flag to the rest of us what the client is) and to check on food allergies. If you have a peanut allergy, it is really not going to work to send you to some burger places or FF shops that serve peanuts or use peanut oil. If your daughter's boy friend just started to work at the pizza joint last week, that would be a different answer than it would have been a month ago. (Now you do know someone who works for the client.)

The Two Nos rule applies most of the time. I have had occasion where the quiz was out of whack because there was just one "no" programmed in; everyone taking the quiz automatically failed. If you said you had "no" food allergies and knew "no" one who worked for the client you failed because the program was looking for just one "no." I have to assume that MFI figured it out when no one qualified for assignments.

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This happened to me about 4 months ago. I answered all the questions correctly and was disqualified. I noted a post on here where others said the SAME thing! The next day, I was asked to do it again and I answered the qualiafiying questions correctly and was approved. Amazingly... other shoppers said the same thing happened to them the very next day! I guess doing all those quiz qualifiers, we shoppers come to know the correct responses. smiling smiley
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