Is there a secret to the Market Force search feature?

I've been picking up a few MF shops lately, and when I put in my zip code and up to 100 miles I will only see 5 shops. I change the zip code to an area 20 miles away that was not showing up on the map, and suddenly there are two shops in that general area that were not showing from my home zip.

Example: If I checked Seattle within 100 miles, I might see 6 shops and none in Auburn, 25.9 miles away. If I put Auburn's zip code in within a 50 mile radius, I may see 4 shops directly in the center of Auburn. Is there a trick to this? I guess I'll keep going with adding in the zip codes manually of the areas I'm headed to double check but anyone else have this happen or know of glitches?


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This is an ongoing idiosyncrasy of the MF website. A shop about 5 miles from my home does not show up at 50 miles, but it does at 45 miles. Since it and most other shops show up at 100 miles, that is usually what I select. At 100 miles it does not show shops in a town 40 miles away. Go figure. You just have to mess around with it to find what works best for you.
Use 200 miles. And check every small town. A shop in a small town won't show up if you check 40 miles away, but shops within 200 miles of the small town WILL show up.

I often type in up to 30 small towns to find shops. If I type in within 200 miles of my hometown, results return zero shops. But if I go to each small town, I will find shops within 45, 60, and 90 miles. As Flash said, just keep messing around with it.

It's an improvement over when we had to enter by ZIP code.
Thanks for the feedback. I was worried it was just me. I'm just tossing random areas out here-- but if I put in Hampton and search 200 miles, nothing will come up in Virginia Beach whereas if I put in the 23rd street ocean ave zip code suddenly there are 12 shops in the area. I guess I'll keep trying this out and map out where I'm traveling. It's sometimes worth it to find those obscure, last minute shops that have been increased. Also nice fillers when I have shops at 2pm at one place requiring 10 minutes and my next shop isn't until 4pm.

Thanks for posting this. I had no idea. I like working for MF, so now I will spend a few more minutes typing in more zip codes when I'm searching for jobs.
I'm in Tidewater as well. MF has an app that can be useful for locating shops nearby, but it used to be that if you looked at the shop it started the clock for submission. The Presto app seems to work better and you can also do it from a desktop.
When MF had a Fast Food that it lost last December, I used to get one on my list of "45 mile radius" out towards Danville!
I've had this happen. Best Mark also has this feature at times. I put in a 35 mile radius and suddenly I see Danville 3 hours away! My math isn't that rusty.

MF Zip code software is pretty poor they keep calling me for a shop they thing is close but is really pretty far away.
I keep a list of zip codes near my computer for searching on Marketforce. Using the radius doesn't seem to show all the shops. If I am going to another town to shop for another company, I'll use the zip code of that town to search on Marketforce to make sure I find whatever Marketforce has to offer rather than depend on the radius from my hometown.

Working in S. Arkansas and N. Louisiana!
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