IPSOS/Summit not notifying me that I got the assignment

Last week I applied for a job on the IPSOS website for a tablet shop. I never heard anything. Imagine my surprise when I happened to look on the IPSOS website for new jobs and it shows that I received the assignment and it's due today!!

Is this normal for IPSOS (scheduled through Summit) to not notify the shopper that they were assigned a shop? I checked all my e-mail folders and show no notification.

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That's never happened to me before. I always get an email notifying me if I was assigned a job. I often apply for jobs and don't get them with IPSOS. But whenever I am assigned a job, I always get an email.
Yes, it's odd. I've checked all folders, even SPAM, and nothing. Yet when I go to the Ipsos website it is clearly assigned to me with today's due date. Luckily I can still perform the shop. I'm glad I happened to see it.
In my experience, this is VERY normal for IPSOS, which is one reason I don't do shops for them anymore.
Their communication stinks; especially when compared to other MSC's.
I don't like scheduling with scheduling companies. The majority of them have very poor communication.
This has happened to me with IPSOS. I now always just check the website often after requesting shops to see if I was assigned.
I have had shops disappear from my job list that were assigned. I won't do their shops anymore.
There are some other MSC that don't send confirmations to let you know that you were assigned the shop. I keep a list of shops that I applied for and check with my list to see if I was assigned the shop a few days prior the shop was due.
Ipsosus have never sent me a confirmed email. I just keep checking the website to see if I was assigned or not. That is the only thing I go by. Just keep checking the website.smiling smiley

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I usually receive a "New Assignments from IPSOS" email when a new shop is assigned, but not always. It's best to check the site frequently after applying.

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I've always gotten an email confirming the assignment and then the day before the assignment is due I get a reminder email.
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