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I did a MF shop on Friday. I was checking the stats of my shop and it said approved. But the box that box that says Receipt Status 1 it says Submitted. Which means that the Receipt/business card has been received and is under review.

I understand that it may take a couple of days for them to look over the report. I have not received a e-mail saying anything about it. I even preview the receipt and it look good and could be read very easily.

Will I still get pay for the shop? I just have not seen this before. Thanks

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It's approved, you're good. I have one also with the receipt still in submitted status as well. Someone forgot to flag it, that's all.

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Yes, that has happened to me a few times lately; maybe the last month or so. It has never happened before.
It's not really a big deal, especially if it is over the weekend. I don't think anyone checks them until Monday. I would check within the next week and see if you need to upload something again. They give you the chance to resubmit before they don't pay you. But you're probably fine. I suspect things don't get looked over the weekends.
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